Ribena has launched a brand new range: Ribena Plus, no added sugar juice drinks with added vitamins and minerals.

Ribena Plus provides a tasty, easy way to get essential vitamins and minerals into you and your families’ diet. It is available in both squash and ready-to-drink ranges. You could either have it at home or on the go.

The ready-to-drink packs, 200ml cartons or 500ml bottles, are very handy when you are out and about, and also in lunchboxes.


I tried Ribena Plus for Immunity Support with added vitamins A, C and E in Blackcurrant and Apple & Peach. We all know and love Blackcurrant Ribena, so I don’t even need to tell you how lovely it is. Perhaps you haven’t tried the brand new Apple & Peach yet, I would definitely recommend it. So refreshing! It’s my husband’s favourite flavour!

Besides, I tried Ribena Plus for Healthy Bones with added calcium in Mixed Berries and Raspberry & Apple. The ready to drink 500ml Mixed Berries bottle is perfect to have with your lunch or mid-afternoon, it is delicious and under 25 calories. My little boy tried 200ml Mixed Berries carton while we were out shopping and he loved it!

We all had Mixed Berries Squash and it is lovely! Squash is great for when you are home and you don’t want to give your children sugary drinks. Instead, you could just give them Ribena Plus with the confidence of added health benefits for growing families.

I highly recommend Ribena Plus, I would score 10 out of 10! Not only you can have a refreshing drink, it is also good for your body.

Ribena Plus is available from March in all major retailers and more information could be found at http://www.ribena.co.uk

850ml squash – £2.89 (RRP)

500ml bottle – £1.03 (RRP)

10 multipack – £2.69 (RRP)

4 multipack – £1.29 (RRP)