I was delighted to be invited to attend a blogger event hosted by PR company Publicasity to promote Vitamix in the UK. Vitamix is an American family owned company founded in 1921 and operating in 80 countries. Vitamix is currently being promoted in the UK and it was present at the Allergy and Free From Show last weekend.

Vitamix helps you to unlock more ingredients and eat healthy food, less processed and less refined. With a Vitamix machine, even the nutrient-packed peels, pulp and seeds can be pulverised and blended into recipes for some of the most health-protecting, disease-preventing dishes and drinks you’ve ever had.

We had the opportunity to see Vitamix in action. Two blenders were demonstrated on the night, Pro 500 and Total Nutrition Centre (TNC), by Bev Shaffer, chef, author, cooking school instructor and Test Kitchen Chef for Vitamix HQ.

Vitamix is more than just a blender, it can do the work of 10 kitchen appliances and lets you perform more than 50 kitchen tasks easier, faster and with better results than you can achieve any other way. Vitamix blends fresh fruits and vegetables into tasty, fibre-rich whole food juice in 1 minute and creates delicious healthy ice cream in only 30 seconds.

Vitamix dices, chops and blends ingredients into healthy, preservative-free salsas, dips and more. Bev made a few recipes using Vitamix. Chickpeas, tahini, roasted red peppers and pepper puree were blended to make a gorgeous Roasted Red Pepper Hummus which was tasted with soft bread.

Vitamix cooks steaming hot soup from fresh vegetables in less than 5 minutes. Vitamix blades create enough heat to cook ingredients and make soups and hot dishes. Bev demonstrated this function by adding chocolate squares and cream to make chocolate expresso fondue, which was tasted with fresh strawberries.

Surprising food combinations that produce incredible flavours are suddenly possible with a Vitamix. Bev also made Raspberry Vinaigrette and Margarita using Vitamix. Yes, I had to try Margarita just to make sure that Vitamix was able to make a tasty cocktail and I wasn’t disappointed!

Towards the end of the event, we put our names into a bowl and two lucky bloggers won a brand new Vitamix! I wonder which dish they will prepare first!

A big thank you to Vitamix and Publicasity for a wonderful event and lovely Margarita!