I was sent EQ8 Natural Energy Drink in two flavours: Cranberry & Apple and Orange & Passion Fruit.

As soon as it arrived, hubby was really keen on trying them as he is a big fan of energy drinks. I like energy drinks too, but I try and avoid them as I consider them unhealthy.

I was curious to try EQ8 as it is a lightly sparkling energy drink made with natural ingredient, herbal extracts and natural caffeine. EQ8 provides natural energy from fruits extracts, unlike other energy drinks.

EQ8 is designed to provide a controlled lift through combining natural caffeine with natural low GI (Glycaemic Index) fruit sugar.

Orange & Passion Fruit EQ8 is made with natural ingredients, orange juice, white grape juice, fruit extracts, passion fruit juice and mango puree. It has guarana extract to give you energy, so it is nature and delicious!

Cranberry & Apple EQ8 is also made with natural ingredients, apple juice, cranberry juice, raspberry juice, fruit extracts, red grape juice and pomegranate juice. It has guarana extract and ginseng extract to give you energy!

Cranberry & Apple EQ8 is full of fruit goodness, made with 60% juice, which is the equivalent of one portion of fruit. Not only you will have a refreshing energy boost, it will also be one of your five a day!

Both flavours are lovely, however my favourite is Cranberry & Apple and hubby prefers Orange & Passion Fruit.

As a busy mummy, I highly recommend EQ8 if you are after a healthy energy boost for your busy lifestyle. Hubby had it before playing football and he came home saying that his performance improved.

EQ8 Natural Energy Drinks are available to buy in selected Morrisons and Sainsbury’s stores nationwide.

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