We had the pleasure to dine at St James’s Club and Hotel and it was absolutely amazing!

We knew it would be special as it is the place where hubby and I met nine years ago. I was working at the hotel when he came for his interview and he got the job! I was delighted that an interview was successful and we would be working together, I was the waitress and he was the chef at the time! We have now been married for seven and a half years and on Saturday evening we were able to go back to St James’s Club and Hotel.

This time we were the guests, instead of working and it was truly enjoyable!

As soon as we arrived at the hotel, it brought back wonderful memories of when we worked there. It was my first job in London and I worked there for two years. Hubby started working there when he got back from cruise ships and stayed until the hotel closed for renovation.

We had dinner at the Michelin star Seven Park Place by William Drabble. 

The restaurant is quite small, boutique restaurant, so you are advised to book in advance. We chose our meal from the A la Carte menu. I enjoyed a glass of white wine, fruity Le Les Blanc, while hubby tried a glass of refreshing Estonian beer Viru. As we might not to have the opportunity to dine again at Seven Park Place, we carefully selected our courses and tasted each others.

Before our meal, we had King Prawns in Green Curry sauce, which was just wonderful.A little dish to open our appetite.

I started with Hand Dived Scallops with White Asparagus and Sour Lemon Vinaigrette. I wasn’t expecting it to be cold and raw. Perhaps I would have ordered a different starter, however it was surprisingly tasty. 

Hubby had Seared Foie Gras with Tart Tatin of Endive and Blood Orange for starters and, not only had it smelt wonderful, it also tasted divine. I secretly wished I had picked the same starters as the foie gras was just amazing and tasty. Hubby later revealed that he checked the menu before arriving at the restaurant, so he already knew what he would like to try on the night.

I choose Poached Turbot layered with Smoked Salmon, Dill Mash and Sea Spinach for main course. There was another turbot dish on the menu, however the chef changed the menu on the night. My poached turbot was an amazing combination of flavours and well cooked. There was an explosion of textures and flavours as I explored each layer of the dish.

Hubby chose Saddle of Lune Valley Lamb with Garlic Mousse, speciality of the house for main course; he was delighted with his choice and savoured every mouthful.

We were then offered Coconut Sponge with Exotic Fruit Puree and Tropical Ice Cream, it was so fruity and refreshing, a lovely touch before our desserts arrived.

I chose Mango Jelly, Marshmallow and Passion Fruit Ice Cream, which was so beautifully presented on the plate with meringue and flavoured foam I did not want to eat it. When hubby suggested that I should try mango jelly, I wasn’t sure whether it would be the best choice. I am glad I listened to my personal chef’s advice as it was exotic and wonderful.

Hubby chose Bitter Chocolate Charlotte with Clementine Sorbet, rich chocolate dessert with refreshing sorbet, interesting and tasty combination. Our desserts looked so pretty on the plate that we had to spend a few minutes just admiring it, but not too long, otherwise the ice cream would melt.

It was a lovely surprise when a gorgeous box of Petit Fours arrived at our table and we were asked to pick our favourite. There were six different tasty little treats: hubby and I picked the same white chocolate petit four, but the lovely waitress kindly asked if we would like another one. I picked pistachio while hubby chose strawberry Madeline.

We were then offered Homemade Raspberry Marshmallows lightly dusted with sugar, which were so soft. The marshmallows were lovely presented in a beautiful glass box. We found impossible to have only one, but we noticed that the table beside us was also helping themselves to them. Perfect ending to a fantastic meal, leaving a sweet taste in our mouths!

We were invited to the bar for a complimentary glass of champagne as the restaurant manager overheard us talking to the table beside us that we used to work at the hotel before it closed down for refurbishment.

We had the opportunity to have a tour around the hotel and it looks amazing. It looks very modern and stylish!

Overall, we had a wonderful evening and it was truly special and amazing. It was a rare child-free night where we enjoyed each other’s presence and had the opportunity to taste a Michelin star meal.

The service was fantastic, the atmosphere was just right and the food was amazing! Perhaps I wasn’t supposed to take so many photos, but I had to register each dish as they were wonderfully cooked and presented. It was an unforgettable evening!

Thank you so much to The Mall at Walthamstow for our voucher towards our special meal.