Tiny Tigs was founded by Catherine, a mother of two girls aged 2 and 7 that has always loved crafting and getting busy with them.

Tiny Tigs makes crafting accessible to everyone by providing monthly kids crafts to your door for children 3+.

Every month, you will received 3 imaginative and seasonal craft ideas with the ingredients and easy to follow instructions. You only need glue and you are ready to start crafting.

Tiny Tigs craft pack arrived addressed to Paulo, so he loved it as he always get happy when he gets a letter in the post.

Crafty Kids pack for May came with Make your own Union Jack Bunting, Decoration Wall Vase with flowers and Make your own Royal crown.

Little man is three and he loves crafting, painting and drawing. He loves being very creative, so he had lots of fun with Tiny Tigs craft kit.

Our first craft was making Union Jack Bunting. It came with Union Jack printed sheets, straws, roll of ribbon and decorative beads. Little man is not very good with scissors yet, so I helped him to cut the Union Jack templates.

He wasn’t able to do it on his own, but we really enjoyed making the Union Jack Bunting together, so it was a perfect bonding time for us. We shared a lovely time crafting together.

Once it was ready, he was very proud of the Union Jack bunting, so he asked me to put it up in his bedroom.

Little man carried on having fun with left over straws and paper. I didn’t realise that he used all the glue and we run out of it. I went to the shops and stocked up. I bought a big glue this time, ready for my crafting fun!

The second craft was Royal Crown Decorating. It came with pre-cut crowns, one metallic and one plain, glitter shakers and a bag of decorations with jewels, pompom and stars.

It was really easy to make as little man only had to press out the crown shape and glue the overlapped ends together. We put the crowns to dry and started on the next craft: decoration wall vase.

It was a lot of fun decorating the crowns with jewels, stars and glitter. It was definitely little man’s favourite part. I loved the fact that there were lots of different decoration to choose from and plenty of spare jewels and fluffy yellow balls.

The third craft was Decoration Wall Vase. The pack came with multi coloured tissue paper circles, decorative pipe cleaners, template sheet and blue backing card.

The templates were easy to cut out, I helped little man with the scissors. Little man enjoyed decorating the vase and sticking the sign “Here comes the Sun” to the top of the blue card.

I tried to leave him to do the flowers, but I secretly wanted to have a go too. I love crafting so I asked him to share with me. Not only we were bonding and having fun crafting, I was also teaching him to share and enjoying it too!

Tiny Tigs craft kits were a huge success with little man. Highly recommended if you want to keep your little one entertained. You only need glue and the rest will be delivered to your door.

You could have a crafts subscription for your children, or Tiny Tigs could be a lovely birthday present or Christmas present. I know it won’t be Christmas until December, but it is never too late to start planning ahead.

You can choose to purchase either 1, 6 or 12 months. Tiny Tigs is very affordable at only £11 a month and it can be cancelled at any time.

You can also buy 6 months for £60, however until the 15th June, it is only £39, so hurry and make the most of this great special offer as it ends TOMORROW!

You can buy 12 months for £108. Payment via PayPal or standing order. First time subscribers receive a pair of children’s scissors and a PVC painting coat.

Tiny Tigs also offers monthly competitions for Kid of the month, the winner getting a surprise in the post and also a small gift for the child’s birthday.

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