A couple of weeks ago I reviewed Marshmallow Pink from Cute Aprons and I mentioned that my little boy loves baking and helping me in the kitchen.

Now it’s his turn to review a gorgeous Gruffalo Child’s Apron. It arrived in a lovely bag, just like my Marshmallow Pink apron. Needless to say, little man loves the Gruffalo so he was looking forward to wearing his new apron and start baking.

Gruffalo, children’s favourite, bursts to life on this fun and cleverly designed apron. Mouse thinks the Gruffalo doesn’t exist, but someone is about to grab the Mouse. Who could it be?

Little Paulo loved the gorgeous Gruffalo artwork, Mouse squeezed between two imposing hairy paws. There are cute mushroom trimming highlighting the top and bottom, while neck and waist straps are in striking grass green.

There are favourite lines from Julia Donaldson’s book: “He has terrible tusks and terrible claws, And terrible teeth in his terrible jaws.”

We tested the Gruffalo apron while making cupcakes and it kept little man’s clothes nice and clean for a change. Little man had lots of fun making vanilla cupcakes with milk chocolate topping.

Your children can also wear their aprons in the garden and while painting. Cute Aprons are made of fine cotton, which means they are easily machine washed and dried.

Cute Aprons has a large variety of aprons available online for boys and girls that enjoy art and creative hobbies.

Whether your little ones help you in kitchen, baking or washing the dishes, enjoy playing in the garden, painting or gluing, you can find a cute apron to protect their clothes. Great price, this Gruffalo apron can be purchased for only RRP £5.99. There are different Gruffalo aprons, trucks, farms, Angelina Ballerina and other lovely designs at affordable prices.

Cute Aprons also offer lovely aprons for grown-ups, including vintage, wedding and plus size. There is a cute apron for every occasion and aprons make a perfect gift!

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