I am writing this guest post to tell you all about my latest venture. I was picked to host a Come Round Ironing Party.  What is a Come Round Party you may ask? Well Come Round parties are a fresh and different way to get your hands on new and innovative products. If you are picked to host their party they send you free of charge a themed party pack with everything for an amazing night.

Well my pack arrived full of fab items such as the fantastic  Philips PerfectCare GC9230/02 iron, gorgeous Funkin cocktail mixers – Mojito and Cosmopolitans, Balloons, bunting, party music, pegs and laundry bags.  Also I received in the post a card telling me what to do, take photographs, write a review and talk about the party!

So I started getting lots of lovely food, alcohol and invited all my friends and the scene was set.

When I opened the box I was struck how simple and straight forward the iron was to use. It has a detachable water tank and a cradle in which the iron sits securely. Firstly I had to fill the water tank which i did with tap water and then added the iron, ensured it was on a stable setting (my ironing board)  and switched it on. The flashing light told me it was heating up and when the light stayed on it was ready to use, all in under two minutes.

What is so unique about this iron you may ask? Well it has Optimal Temp technology, which enables you to iron all types of ironable fabrics without adjusting the iron temperature or steam setting. In fact it only has these settings on the iron, On/Off, and DeCalc and EasyDeCalc to descale the iron!

So I took a delicate silk shirt and held the iron on it for five minutes – this was their Steam Challenge. It was amazing. The iron is so gentle, that it did not damage it.

Then I took a creased cotton shirt. There is a steam boost button to get an extra boost of steam and I used this to great success as the shirt was very creased.

What was great about this iron is that the steam generator automatically switches off when it has not been used for approximately ten minutes. A great idea I must say!

I put Philips PerfectCare iron to the test by ironing an Union Jack scarf/ tea towel provided in the Come Round Party pack. It was all creased before ironing, however it was ironing perfect after Philips PerfectCare did its magic! It was impressed  and so were my party guests.

After about 10 ironing sessions the steam generator has a DE-CALC light on the control panel which will flash. The instructions are straight forward how to descale the iron and I have yet to do this but think it will be easy to do.

So I put this iron to the test on my party goers, would they like it, what would they think?

My husband Marcus loved it, so much so he started doing his shirts, a first for our house!

“It’s really easy to use – great stuff”

One of my guests Pattie couldn’t get over how effective it was,

“It’s really quick on cotton using the steam boost!”

So in conclusion I could not think of anything bad to say about the iron. It is virtually idiot proof and makes ironing a pleasure. Something I thought I would never say!

My guests had a great time and we all enjoyed the Funkin cocktails which were delicious even the hardened beer drinking men had some too. The only bad news is that our entry to the Eurovision Engleburt Humperdink came second from last. So if you want to buy an easy to use iron, which is highly effective, and quick at doing the ironing, why don’t you think of choosing the Phillips Perfect Care, you won’t be disappointed.

I loved my iron so much that I had to write a poem about it, check it out in my video.

Until next time…. bye for now.

Love Mel x