I have been feeling quite emotional the past few days because at this time tomorrow little man will be at the hospital going through a minor surgery. I am aware it is not a major procedure, but it is still scary as he will be under general anaesthetic.

Last summer little man had his first surgery. He had a procedure on his trigger thumb, it was a day surgery, he went to hospital in the morning and go out at lunch time.

I went to theatre with him, at the beginning he was smiling at the doctors, but I found quite hard when he was put down. As I was holding him, he became all floppy. I had to leave theatre when he was asleep and I was crying in the waiting room.

The surgery went well but it lasted longer than expected. We enquired a few times and nobody knew why it was taking so long. Once we were called to the recovery room, little man was all drugged up, he did not know where he was and his bottom lip was stuck to his chin. I cried when I saw my baby with bandage on his arm and how sad and confused he looked.

After mummy cuddles, he was fine and ready to leave hospital, he enjoyed some raisins while we were waiting for daddy to get the car.

Once we got home from hospital, he went straight to bed and was asleep the whole afternoon.

He looked so peaceful when he was asleep with his teddies. He recovered quickly and learned to use his other hand to do what he wanted to.

Although his trigger thumb could come back, it’s been fine ever since. It would get quite painful before the surgery as his thumb was always locked, however he is much better since his surgery. After he recovered, he went back to nursery and told his little friends “I go hospital and doctor fixed my finger”.

On Wednesday morning we will be repeating the same procedure, waking up early and going to hospital for another surgery. This time, little man will have a minor feet procedure on his overlapping toes in a different hospital.

I am glad he was referred to a children’s orthopaedic hospital as the doctors repeat the same procedure on a daily basis. He will have surgery on both feet at the same time, so I am not too sure how long it will take him to recover and start walking again.

I hope he gets better soon, because I am not sure how to entertain him for too long if he cannot walk. Luckily he loves reading, drawing and crafting, so I suppose we will be doing lots of it.

I would appreciate if you could please say a little prayer for my little boy when you go to bed tonight. I am sure everything will be ok, but please just wish him good luck and have him on your thoughts.

A massive thank you from me and little man!

I shall keep you all updated once he is back home from hospital.