The Lotus Flower is a family owned and run company, sourcing high quality, stylish and contemporary well-being and lifestyle products with innovative and creative designs.

The Lotus Flower is the sole distributor of the New Leaf Aromas Home Fragrance Range with a unique collection of gorgeous fragrance lamps and lovely fragrance oils, creating a wonderful ambience in your home. There are 23 fragrance lamps and 31 lamp fragrance oils to choose from, so you will definitely find one to suit your taste.

The Lotus Flower has a stunning collection of elegantly styled fragrance lamps. I am lucky to have not one, but two effusion lamps from the New Leaf Aromas Home Fragrance Collection: Mosaic Pearl Lamp and Scarlet Lamp.

Effusion lamp comes with stone wick assembly, decorative cap, snuffer cap and funnel. It combines a 100 year old air purification concept with pleasures of exotic fragrances, destroying odours and airbone bacteria while dispersing a wonderful aroma into your home.

Mosaic Pearl Lamp (RRP £31) has handcrafted tiles of iridescent mother of pearl encompassing this spherical shaped lamp. Each piece is beautifully placed to create a unique Flemish Bond effect. It is completed with a silver metallic fretwork cap and it looks so classy in my living room.

Scarlet Lamp (RRP £26.95) is a `chalice` shaped lamp exemplifying the New Leaf commitment to style. It is a graceful fragrance lamp with an extravagant design. An exquisite ball gown with a black dress twist! Complete the outfit with an antique silver decorative crown. I love my Scarlet Lamp in my bedroom, giving it a classy look!

New Leaf Aromas Lamp Fragrance and Premium Fragrance Lamps are also known as Effusion, Diffusion, and Catalytic lamps and will turn your home into a haven. Each Fragrance Lamp is individually handcrafted, making each piece completely unique. Once you have chosen your favourite lamps, it is time to choose your fragrance oils.

New Leaf Aromas offers an exciting collection of 31 handcrafted fragrance oil aromas (RRP £11). Each 500ml bottle provides up to 25 hours of burning time. There are six collections: Oriental, Floral, Fresh, Woody, Fruity and Sweet.

I have Creme Brulee from Sweet Collection in my Mosaic Pearl lamp and it smells so gorgeous. I love desserts, so I need to hold myself not to eat the lamp! That’s how wonderful it smells. Your whole house will be filled with a warm creamy and luscious vanilla and caramel indulgence after only 45 minutes of lighting the stone.

I have Japanese Ginger Citron from Oriental Collection in my Scarlet Lamp and it is a bright and energising mix of sweet candied ginger, citron and white musk. It has a gorgeous citrus fragrance, smelling clean and fresh.

New Leaf Aromas Home Fragrance has a collection of 31 delicious roll ball fragrance miniatures to allow you to sample the fragrance at home before ordering a full size 500ml bottle. Fragrance testers are great to smell the fragrance and pick your favourites.

Love Spell Tester from Floral Collection is a floral blend of cherry blossom, apple, peach and tamarind. It smells nice and floral.

Clean Linen Tester from Fresh Collection is a crisp clean scent evoking fresh laundry hung on the line. Who doesn’t like the smell of freshly washed clothes?

Sandalwood Tester from Woody Collection is warm, exotic and mysterious rich and sweet scented oil. It reminds me of walking down a peaceful woodland.

Olive & Fig Tester from Fruity Collection is a refreshing essence of Tuscan olives and warm green fig. It is lovely and fruity.

New Leaf Aroma Home Fragrance Range is highly recommended to give your home a wonderful smell. You could buy a stylish fragrance lamp with gorgeous fragrance oil for your own home or as a fabulous gift for every occasion. There is a fragrance for each taste and mood, and in case you are unsure which one is your favourite, you could try Lamp Fragrance Testers for only RRP £2.25.

I have noticed there is free standard delivery on orders over £20. There is also a special offer at the moment. You can enjoy a free 500ml Lamp Fragrance when you purchase two or more Fragrance Lamps until 31st August, whilst stocks last. Great offer to stock up on beautiful Christmas presents saving you money.

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