When I read about NEXT Mummy Stylist Blogger Competition at All Baby Advice Blog, I started day dreaming and wondering what I would buy for my three year old boy if I won the amazing prize: £500 Next voucher. I know very well that Next has a wonderful children’s range, so I would be spoiled for choice.

Although we only have one child, we don’t usually buy him many clothes, so he has nursery clothes and a few nice outfits to go to church on Sundays, weddings and birthdays. Once his nice outfits are stained and old, they become nursery clothes. My little boy is very messy, he is always damaging his clothes with food, paint and during messy play. As a result, he doesn’t have many nice outfits.

As we are going to Brazil on summer holiday next month, he needs Summer Outfits to keep him cool and stylish at the same time. Next has lovely t-shirt and shorts multi-packs. I love mix and matching clothes to create several different outfits.

I would choose Vehicles T-shirts Three Pack (£14) and Bright Pocket T-shirt Four Pack (£13) to go with Bright Blue and Check Shorts Two Pack (£13) and Shorts Two Pack (£13). Total only £53. I have just created 28 different outfits with little more than £50! Quite impressive!

I mentioned that we are going to Brazil and although it is winter over there, it will be warmer than in the UK, so we need Swimwear. Sunsafe Vest (£8), Panelled Geo Swim Shorts (£10) and Spot Flip Flop (£5) would make a gorgeous beach outfit and keep little man safe in the sun. Total just £23.

Little man needs fashionable Casual Outfits and my choices are Rib Waist Roll-Up Jeans (£14) and White Belted Jeans (£16) to be worn with Fabric Interest T-shirts Three Pack (£15) or Blue Stripe T-Shirt (£7). Total just £62.

He could wear those gorgeous casual outfits to go to birthday parties and go out with mummy and daddy. Mind you, he’s a busy little boy, there is always a party to attend on weekends. My little one would look gorgeous wearing them as stripes suit him.

A cool dude needs stylish Accessories. NY Teal Yellow Cap (£8), Blue Crystal Visor Sunnies (£6), Black Sporty Sunnies (£6) and Blue Belt (£7) would complete his outfits and make him stand out from the crowd. As he is obsessed with sunglasses, I could treat him with an extra pair and the total would only be £27.

I don’t think little man has enough Smart Casual clothes. I was looking for something more formal than jeans and more casual than suits. He could wear Tan Carrot Chinos (£11), Navy Twisted Chinos (£14) with Tan and Navy Gingham Shirt (£10) and Blue Oxford Shirt (£12). He would be ready for a Christening and upcoming events for just £47.

We were invited to a family wedding next month and little man needs to be suited and booted for the occasion. Formal Outfit: Navy Waiscoat, Shirt and Tie Set (£21), with Smart Indigo Jeans (£9) and Desert Boots (£16) would do the job and make him look really smart. He would be ready to dance with mummy on the dance floor at the party. Total just £46.

Last but not least, after all the fun during our holiday at the beach and at the family wedding, little man would be tired and ready for bed. He needs cute PJs to make him cosy and comfortable.

Nightwear: Dig and Dump Pyjamas Two Pack (£16) and Big Animal Pyjamas Three Pack (£21) are extremely cute. You need some comfy underwear, Colour Trunks Five Pack (£9) and comfy shoes, Espadrilles (£12) to go with the PJs. Total only £58.

I would love to win Next Mummy Stylish competition. As you can see above, I would be able to buy so many gorgeous outfits for my little man with the generous prize, he would be dressed from head to toe with wonderful and colourful items from Next. He would be ready and stylish for any occasion.

All the clothes and accessories above can be purchased for £316, so perhaps mummy and daddy can also get a new outfit with the remaining prize! In one word: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!