As I am lady, I don’t like hair but I don’t like using razor to shave my legs or underarms. The hair grows back too quickly with razors and I don’t like prickly legs or itchy underarms. I honestly cannot remember the last time that I shaved with razors, it has been a very long time.

My first epilator was Philips Satinelle Ice Epilator (green in the picture) and I’ve had it since it was launched nearly 5 years ago. I must say it is a great epilator and it is still working well after being used weekly since I bought it. My only complaint is the fact that it is not cordless, meaning that I always had to use it connected to the mains.

I was delighted when I saw Philips SatinSoft Epilator (purple in the picture) at Philips ReAura VIP Party. Not only it is cordless, it is can also be used on wet or dry skin. I explained how much I loved using epilator and expressed my interest in trying the new SatinSoft Epilator.

Philips has three ranges of Epilators: SatinPerfect “Reveal your skin’s perfection with the Skin Perfect System”, SatinSoft “Enjoy the touch of satin with the Skin Care System” and Satinelle “Simply smooth for longer”. I wanted to try the Skin Care System and see what it was like.

When it comes to removing hair, epilators are brilliant for achieving long-lasting smoothness. But Philips epilators go one step further. They’re specially designed to protect your skin too.

When you use Philips SatinSoft Epilator, you can enjoy the touch of satin with the skin care system. Philips SatinSoft protects the skin against pulling and maximizes hygiene. It is cordless and rechargeable, for comfortable use wherever you want. It includes a sensitive area cap, cleaning brush and storage pouch. It has two speed settings, which is very handy.

Philips SatinSoft Epilator has a unique skin care system, it is hypoallergenic with silver-ion discs for maximum skin hygiene. It has gentle tweezing discs remove hair without pulling skin. It can be used on wet or dry skin, so you can remove hair even when in the bath or shower.

Phillips SatinSoft Epilator is a caring way to help limit ingrown hairs and boost skin radiance in three simple steps: Exfoliate, Epilate and Moisturize. It comes with Exfoliation brush with hypoallergenic bristles for more radiant skin. You are advised to exfoliate your skin 24 hours before to remove dead skin cells and help hairs grow back properly. The following day you should epilate at 90o for best results. You should then moisturize regularly for smooth, hydrated skin.

I love my Philips SatinSoft Epilator. I have been using it for a few weeks and I can assure you that Philips has improved dramatically since my first Phillips Satinelle Ice Epilator. As I have been using an epilator for a few years, I don’t think it hurts, but I can tell you that Philips SatinSoft Epilator is even gentler on your skin. I love the fact that it comes with a lovely exfoliation brush, preventing ingrown hairs.

I also love the fact that Philips SatinSoft Epilator is cordless. It was my only problem with Philps Satinelle Ice Epilator and it has now being solved. It is a bonus that it can be used on wet or dry skin, so now I have a choice which I did not have before.

If you are considering epilating, check out those Epilating Tips from Philips Website:

Gradually grow less:  Over time epilating can actually stop some hairs from coming back. Epilate every 4 weeks to eventually see 50% less hair growth.

Set the mood: When you are new to epilation the first few sessions might be a little sensitive. To help reduce any pain you might feel, try epilating when you’re most relaxed, just after a meal and avoid stimulants like coffee.

Go against the flow: Epilators are so easy to use. Just switch it on, and stroke from the bottom up, against the hair growth direction.

Peas keep cool: Good news, epilating gets less and less sensitive over time. And you can make skin less sensitive by pre-cooling it with a bag of frozen peas.

Scrub a dub: Exfoliating not only smooths skin, but also helps prevent ingrown hairs. Exfoliate between sessions, but give it a rest 2 to 3 days after epilating.

Philips SatinSoft Epilator (RRP £80) is highly recommended as a great way to get rid of unwanted hair. Overtime an epilator works out cheaper than razors as it is a one-off purchase. I haven’t used razors in a very long time and I have no plans on using it again. Thank you to Emanate PR for letting me try Philips SatinSoft Epilator!

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