I am joining the ‘great garden moments competition’. How could I resist? Let me tell you more about how special our garden is to us and all the wonderful moments we had in our garden with our son!

Although we only have a small garden, we truly love our little space. Our garden holds so many special memories. It was at our own garden that our little boy took his first steps.

It was great when little man started walking in the garden, how could we ever forget that special moment that he stood up and started walking out of the blue? It was a magical moment. He also had his first fall at our garden, you can see in the video. Luckily we managed to capture, thanks to technology!

Hubby is a chef and he loves cooking. I must say his BBQs are amazing! A few weeks after little man’s first steps, we had a family BBQ and little man had his first ice lolly in our garden.

He absolutely loved it and he had a great time with his little cousins. Simple pleasures in life, you only need good company to have a laugh and be happy.

A few months later, it was little man’s first snow and he loved playing in the snow. It was at our garden that he experienced a snowfall for the first time. He found it cold and fun. He was so happy walking and falling in the snow.

He looked so cute wearing his winter clothes and walking around in the garden like a little snowman! Unforgettable moments, little man’s first winter!

Our garden holds several “first memories”, first steps, first fall, first ice lolly, first watering plants experience, first flower, first time little man rode a bike. Lovely memories with little man and his cousins enjoying the nice weather and having ice cream.

Unfortunately our garden furniture is not the best as you might have spotted in the photos and video, it is falling apart after so many lovely family BBQs. It would be amazing to have a lovely set of garden table and chairs so we can entertain this summer and keep the fun!

At Lilinha Angel’s World we love a good party, so I couldn’t resist entering for a chance of winning everything we might need to host an ultimate British garden party from Furniture Village, including a gorgeous Cheltenham garden table and chairs set and vouchers to buy food and drinks!

All year round, during all seasons, we have loved our garden and spent great moments in it! If we were lucky, we would hold a British summer party and I am sure hubby would make his famous BBQ to celebrate our lovely new furniture!

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