Sunkissed, Beautiful Bronzing Every Day, offers a range of bronzing cosmetics and gift packs. They have recently launched Sunkissed self-tanned collection for an instant deep natural tan. It sounds really interesting, so I cannot wait to try it.

I have been testing Sunkissed Luxury Bronze and Sunskissed Bronzing Pearls for a couple of weeks and I am well impressed. As the weather hasn’t been great lately, Sunkissed is helping me to achieve a natural tanned glow. We all want to be sun kissed and those lovely products will offer you just what you expect, a healthy glow!

Sunkissed Jumbo Bronzing Pearls (RRP £2.50) are a must-have in any girl’s make-up bag. Whenever you want a beautiful natural tanned glow, you just need to apply the jumbo pearls on your face, neck and shoulders. Although I did not use Sunkissed Bronzing Brush, I checked on the website and their brushes look great, they are recommended for a perfect finish.

You can have a healthy glow all year round with his lovely Sunkissed Jumbo Bronzing Pearls. The selection of pearls is great, so just the right composition to give you a natural look.

Sunkissed Luxury Bronze Midi Compact (RRP £8.99) is a very handy compact make-up for sensational looking skin. As soon as I opened, I loved the packaging, it looks like a nice book, so it is easy to fold and put away once you have achieved your desired look. The first part comes with mirror and brushes to apply your eye shadows and powders.

The second part comes with bronzer powder, highlight powder and lip gloss. You have the choice of a dusting of bronze, gold shimmering highlighter or shimmering lip gloss.

The third part comes with a selection of gorgeous eye shadows, one for each occasion: chocolate brown, rich aubergine, golds, dusky pinks and creamy beiges. Whichever hot look you are after, you will be able to achieve with this selection of eye shadows.

Sunkissed has a large selection of self-tan products and cosmetics on their website. There is no need to look pale with a wide range of products to give you a healthy glow all year round. Not only it is affordable, Sunkissed has also great quality products. Highly recommended all year round for natural tanned glow.

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