Little man and I were invited to Ella’s Kitchen first ever media event last week at Kentish Town City Farm to welcome their range of utterly delicious new fromage frais, yoghurts and desserts. Ella Kitchen has already a large selection of baby and toddler. Ella’s dad, Paul Lindley, was available to tell us a little bit about why he set up Ella’s Kitchen in a separate one-on-one with him.

When I was invited to the event, I was looking forward to finding out more about the new range and getting out of the house, putting shoes on little man for the first time after a whole week with feet dressing due to his surgery. Once we were done with doctors, we rushed to Kentish Town City Farm and were greeted by Ella’s Kitchen team from Mischief PR. Unfortunately we were unable to attend the event from the beginning as little man had a doctor’s appointment to remove his feet bandage.

It was a pleasure meeting Paul and finding out more about Ella’s Kitchen. Paul set it up based on his daughter’s Ella experience with food, taking simple and natural ingredients that ooze goodness to create baby food.

Ella’s Kitchen food is aimed to connect with little ones’ senses with appealing flavours, colours, textures and names. While Paul and I were chatting, little man had fun with the new dairy range.

Hubby and I always tried to encourage little man to eat healthy food, which is also Ella’s Kitchen’s aim – to develop healthy eating habits that last a lifetime. Ella’s Kitchen dairy products are made with organic natural ingredients, with no added refined sugar or salt, no concentrates or juices, no E numbers or GM, no gluten and nothing artificial.

Smooth + Scrummy Fromage Frais (RRP £1.89 for 6 pots), stage 1 from 6 months, contains real fruit puree, available in mango and banana. Simple flavours are great to introduce dairy for the first time.

Teeny Creamy Rice Pudding with Vanilla (RRP £1.09 for 2 pots), stage 2 from 7 months, has lumpier texture, perfect tasty and healthy desserts for babies with new teeth.

Chilled out Thick + Fruity Yoghurt (RRP £1.79 for 4 pots), stage 3 from 12 months, are thick and fruity, creamy texture that won’t slip off the spoon. Available in Strawberry & Pear and Pineapple & Mango.

At the moovelous event, I tried Ella’s Kitchen new dairy range when little man wasn’t looking and they are tasty. After chatting to Paul, we visited the farm and little man loved seeing the pigs, cow, chickens and horses.

When we were leaving the event, little man helped himself to smoothies and biscuits, some of which were enjoyed on the way home: The Orange One Smoothie and Cinnamon and Orange Munchie Biccies. We were given a lovely goodie bag to take home with the new dairy range.

Ella’s Kitchen 100% organic new dairy range is available in the fridge section at Waitrose, Ocado and Tesco.

I would like to thank Paul and Mischief PR for a great event. Little man and I had a great time, thank you!

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