I must admit I have been using antiperspirants for a few years as I couldn’t find a suitable deodorant to keep me fresh all day. I am always busy, out and about, and I don’t find bad odour very attractive, however I am aware that antiperspirant are not ideal as they prevent perspiration.

When I was asked to review Bionsen deodorants, I was curious to check whether they would really work since they are not antiperspirants and they do not stop your body from sweating.

Based on the concept that sweating is a natural cooling and detoxifying process needed to keep the body healthy, Bionsen simply prevents bacteria from growing by effectively neutralising body odours.

Bionsen products allows your skin to breathe naturally so can be used as part of a more natural beauty care regime, and the aluminium and paraben free formula offers an alternative for those concerned about the possible links with breast cancer.

Bionsen is a paraben and aluminium free deodorant with spa minerals to help nourish and protect skin. Bionsen deodorants contain the Japanese spa minerals copper, zinc and manganese to gently deodorise and neutralise the bacteria responsible for bad odours.

Bionsen has a range of lightly fragranced mineral deodorants, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

Bionsen Aerosol Deodorant (RRP £3.29) is not like your usual dry antiperspirant spray. As I haven’t used deodorants in a long time, I sprayed a bit too much the first time I used it. I quickly got used to it and I loved the gentle fragrance, it is just right without being overpowering. I didn’t experience any bad odours and I was feeling fresh all day. Result!

Bionsen Pump Spray (RRP £2.79) is quite similar to Bionsen Aerosal Deodorant, however it is slightly smaller: Bionsen Pump Spray is 100ml while Bionsen Aerosal Deodorant is 150ml. It smells just as fresh and it also offers you a gentle, long lasting freshness.

Bionsen contains vital spa minerals to keep skin glowing, it is great for sensitive skin as it does not act as an antiperspirant since bionsen does not block the pores of the skin.

Bionsen Deo Total Body (RRP £4.49) is a new head to toe anti-odorant spray for the whole body. It uses antibacterial and astringent properties of natural crystals activated simply by adding water. Deo Total Body prevents the proliferation of odour causing bacteria in a totally natural way.

Deo Total Body should be sprayed onto clean skin for a pleasant sensation of freshness and confidence all day long. I loved the fact that it does not contain alcohol, the crystals are activated simply by adding water and it can be refilled up to 5 times. It is ideal for all the family and the whole body, suitable for sensitive skin and intimate use.

Bionsen Roll On DeodorantBionsen Roll On Deodorant (RRP £2.29) has the same aluminium free formula with Japanese spa mineral. It also smells great, ensuring a natural sensation of freshness that lasts all day.

Since I tried Bionsen mineral products, I am convinced that deodorants can be just effective as antiperspirants, without preventing perspiration. Deo Total Body is a great idea, perfect to give your skin refreshing bursts of hydration during the summer.

Overall, Bionsen deodorants are highly recommended to keep you smelling great all day without blocking your pores. They are affordable and can be found in major supermarkets, Boots and also online, recommended for gentle and long-lasting freshness suitable for sensitive skin.

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