When I heard about BritMums Twitter party with British Gas about saving time by using online resources #BGSaveTime, I had to join in so I could share my tips with other parents and also read their top tips. It was a great party and very productive too, definitely time well spent.

I am always very busy and my life is non-stop from the moment I wake up in the morning, rush to the nursery to drop little man, go to work all day and then back home to housework and chores. Until a few weeks ago, I was studying in the evening, undertaking a part-time university degree, so after little man went to bed I had to go to lectures at university or write my research project at home. I have just finished my degree with First Class in BSc Biological Sciences, so I am convinced I am very good at multi-tasking and juggling different activities at the same time (even if I say so myself!)

I absolutely love my busy like and I wouldn’t change it. Thank you to the world wide web, I am able to multi-task and manage my time using online resources so I am able to spend more time with my family.

Top Tip One: Online Banking

I haven’t been to a branch in a long time and I have no plans of visiting one. I have nothing against branches, however queues are not very appealing, I would rather spend my time doing something more productive.

Online banking is one of the best inventions yet; you can easily manage your bank account and bills, without leaving the comfort of your home. Besides, bank transfers are processed instantly and they can be done at any time of the day or night. It is perfect for busy parents, you can manage your finance while your little ones are in bed.

Top Tip Two: Online Bills

We have switched to online bills, so we simply receive an email once our electricity and gas bills are ready to be viewed. It saves me time as I don’t need to be chasing letters and paper usually goes missing in our household. Little man has an obsession with pen and paper, so he draws on nearly everything in front of him. Besides, I can easily check our usage online and keep track of our expenses.

I am aware that British Gas has launched a great app, new online account management system to keep track of your energy bills. I haven’t used it yet, but I sounds very good.

Top Tip Three: Blogging Apps

Although I haven’t been blogging for a very long time, I absolutely love it. My blog is my little baby and it is a pleasure writing it. As I am always out and about, it is not that easy to find time to sit down in front of the computer to write a blog post.

That’s where blogging apps come along: I use WordPress app to easily draft and publish blog posts, reply to comments and check out my blog. It is a great app that saves me a lot of time, it is really easy to use and you can quickly post while relaxing on the sofa.

Top Tip Four: Instaframe App

I am quite new to instaframe, but I am hooked! It is absolutely amazing. You can edit photos, zoom in, add captions and effects within seconds. When you have a little one, photos tend to come up a bit out of focus, so it is great to be able to edit pictures at your fingerprints and make them look more presentable. I used my edited photos to send to my family and post on my blog.

You can make lovely montage with Instaframe, so it is really useful when you are not too sure which picture to use. Instead of just using one photo, you could have two, three or even nine photos in the same frame. Great invention that saves me a lot of time sitting down in front of the computer trying to figure out how to make my pictures look nicer. I can easily open the app and Instaframe does the entire job for me!

Once I have checked my bank account, paid my bills, published a blog post and edited my photos using online resources, I have plenty spare time to do what matters the most in life: spend quality time with my little boy and husband. I honestly cannot imagine what life was like before the internet and smart phones came along.

This is my entry for the BritMums #BGSaveTime Linky sponsored by British Gas.