As you are aware, little man had feet surgery a few weeks ago for his overlapping toes and he was unable to wear shoes during recovery. When I read about Skeanie, I was very keen on trying and it seemed a perfect pair of shoes after little man’s surgery. Skeanie genuine leather shoes with flexible soles are preferred by podiatrists.

Skeanie shoes and boots are designed to nurture and protect little feet, handcrafted from high quality eco-leather. As well as providing room for natural growth, Skeanie’s soft soled shoes allow sensory feedback from the ground, which is especially important for little ones learning to walk and getting to know their surroundings. Research shows that young ones who wear flat, soft soled shoes have improved balance and foot and ankle strength.

Studies show that children who often go barefoot develop stronger, healthier feet. Shoes with rigid soles literally provide too much support, reducing the need for the muscles and ligaments to stabilise during standing, walking, running and jumping.

The answer is soft soled shoes that closely mimic the ‘bare foot’, providing protection from the ground and weather, but allowing for natural muscle development.

Little man’s Skeanie is Boat Shoe in Chocolate (RRP £34.99), handmade from super soft leather. The classic Skeanie boat shoe design is perfect for every occasion and features luxurious leather uppers and lining with a flexible rubber sole.

Hubby and I are very impressed with Skeanie shoes so far and we wished we had found it sooner. As little man has wide feet, we had to buy wide shoes from another shop before discovering Skeanie shoes.

You might be asking, what makes Skeanie special? They are super soft, non-toxic, eco-leather upper, shoes are wide at the toes, mimicking the infant foot – growing toes need room to spread, wiggle and balance. Besides, leather lining means shoe is breathable, comfortable and soft – allowing feet to grow naturally, unrestricted.

Little man was wearing his Skeanie shoes a few days after removing his feet bandage and he never complained. He was walking, jumping and even running and Skeanie shoes seemed very comfortable.

Overall, we are extremely satisfied with Skeanie shoes, it is easy to put on, very light and stylish, goes with most smart wear and also with jeans. It is versatile, little man was wearing it to a wedding and he was popular on the dance floor.

Skeanie shoes are highly recommended for growing feet, they are good quality shoes, really soft and gorgeous. Skeanie shoes are lightweight, stylish and comfortable. Perfect for running, jumping and exploring! They have a lovely selection of infant and junior shoes for boys and girls. I wonder if they could make me a pair of Skeanie shoes too?

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