A few weeks ago I reviewed Nakd Wholefood Bars and I loved how tasty and healthy they were. They are made with 100% natural ingredients with no added sugar or syrups. They are gluten, wheat and dairy free and they taste amazing! Yum!

I was sent other Natural Balance Foods products: Trek Protein Bars and Nakd Flavour Infused Raisins.

Trek Protein Bars are wholefood energy bars with a precise balance of wholefoods cold-pressed together for energy and replenishment. They have around 11-12g of protein per bar and they are at the top of the sports nutrition food chain.

Trek Protein Bars are GM free, dairy free, wheat free, suitable for vegans and one of your five a day. They are made with natural ingredients, a delicious combination of fruits, oats and nuts to keep you going, without added sugar or syrups. They are added with a blend of nature’s best energy herbs, ginseng and gingko biloba extract, to give you an extra boost naturally.

Trek Protein Bars are healthy snacks ideal for refuelling after the gym and also make a great breakfast on the go. Trek bars are perfect for busy people like me, they are packed with protein so they keep you fuller for longer while delivering a lasting energy boost. Trek Protein bars come in three different flavours: Trek Peanut & Oat Bar, Trek Cocoa Brownie Bar and Trek Mixed Berry Bar.

As I love peanuts, I tried Trek Peanut & Oat Bar first. It is made with raw fruit, raisins and dates, peanuts, oats and soya. It tastes great and I enjoyed it as I knew I was feeding my body with natural ingredients.

Trek Cocoa Brownie Bar was next on my list. It is made with real cocoa giving it a delicious chocolate flavour with wholesome crunchy taste of nuts and a hint of real fruit. It is the only healthy brownie I know that is also one of your five a day. Therefore you can actually have Trek Cocoa Brownie to boost of fruit intake, great!

Trek Mixed Berry Bar has a tantalising taste of real berries, raspberries and strawberries, but it also has a hint of dates and raisins and oat goodness. So lovely and fruity!

You can purchase 12 Trek Protein Bars for RRP £13.99, works out at £1.16 per bar which is a great price, cheaper and healthier than energy drinks. Perfect for busy mums and ideal for everyone with a busy lifestyle.

I love raisins, whether it is sprinkled on my porridge and cereal or just as a sweet snack. Nakd Flavour Infused Raisins are delicious and fruity raisins with a burst of flavour from zingy lime to fizzy cola and sweet juicy cheery. Great alternative to sweets, making a perfect healthy snack, one of your five a day, made with natural ingredients and natural flavours.

I must admit that I was intrigued. I have never had flavour infused raisins before and I didn’t know what it would taste like. I tried Nakd Crazy Cola Infused Raisins first and it was surprisingly tasty! The raisins taste of sweet tangy cola, it gives you the impression that you are drinking Coke and eating raisins, interesting flavour combination.

Nakd Tangy Lime Infused Raisins are wholesome and fruity, burst of tangy lime to tickle your taste buds. They are juicy raisins that taste just like little sweets, but they are very healthy.

There are other interesting combinations available of Nakd Flavour Infused Raisins and I cannot wait to try them: Cherry, Lemon, Orange and Pineapple Flavours.

You can purchase 18 Nakd Flavour Infused Raisins for RRP £7.99, which works out at only £0.44 per packet, cheaper and much healthier than chocolate bars and sweets.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable and tasty review. Trek Protein Bars are a great wholefood bar and Nakd Flavour Infused Raisins taste like sweets without the calories and artificial sugar, they are naturally sweet and healthy.

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