This morning we went to Go! Go! Go! Show at the prestigious Empire Leicester Square. It is a perfect venue as it is small and intimate, so you will have a great view no matter where you seat. Each performance begins on show days at 11am. The show runs for approximately 1 hour 45 minutes including a short interval for snacks or toilet trips.

Go! Go! Go! Show was created by music industry leaders, Mike Stock from Stock Aitken Waterman and Steve Crosby. The Go! Go! Go! Show is an all-new family pop musical featuring five fantastic new stars of stage, screen and pop: Carl, Gemma, Jade, Holly and Steve. It is a live musical stage show in a cinema.

The show is fun-filled pop music entertainment for young children and their families. With high production values, this energetic live action show comprises an original storyline and is bursting with new hit songs such as Wake Up Smiling, This Is The Life and The Get Along Song.

With captivating rhythms and great lyrics that you would expect from the minds behind some of the UK’s biggest pop-stars, this family-friendly entertainment is ideal for younger children, but is just as suitable for older siblings, parents and grandparents to enjoy too.

As soon as we arrived, we were all wondering why there were socks on the seats. Unfortunately we couldn’t take any photos or videos during the show, so I took some pictures before and after the show and during the interval.

The storyline of The Go!Go!Go! Show follows five best friends who wake up one morning to discover their socks have gone missing. They soon realise that the culprit is a mischievous, furry creature called The Fluffalope who is eating their socks, as his diet consists of nothing else.

An adventure then begins during which they spend a day at Holiday Bay as the friends attempt to find The Fluffalope’s home. En route they encounter the permanently confused Mr. Baffled who helps them solve the mystery.

There are brand new pop songs, catchy, easy-to-learn dance moves, magic and loads and loads of laughs. With a visually stunning set and a cast full of boundless energy, the show encourages children to join in and sing-a-long, dance-a-long and laugh-a-long with their five new friends.

The story is a good old-fashioned caper! This sing-a-long, dance-a-long show is stacked full of fun. There is plenty of interaction with the audience, who are invited to complete a set of tasks in order to become members of the Gold Go!Go!Go!Getters! Club.

The Go!Go!Go! Show is now open in London’s Leicester Square following rave reviews on a UK tour in 2011 and a recent residency at Alton Towers Resort in Staffordshire.

It was a lovely show, lively, engaging and a lot of fun for little ones and grown ups. The cast encouraged the audience to take part throughout the show by joining in with dance routines and throwing socks back at the stage. The cast were great, full of enthusiasm from the beginning to the end of the show, singing and dancing with a lot of energy and interacting with everyone in the audience.

Besides, there was a lovely surprise at the end of the show, the cast was available at the foyer to meet the audience, talk to them, take photos and sign autographs. It was a lovely touch to a great show, little man was a bit shy at first, but he loved taking photos.

Overall Go! Go! Go! was a lovely performance, thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended, make sure you Go! Go! Go!

To book tickets please visit Go! Go! Go! Website, Empire Website call 08 714 714 714 or visit  The Empire Cinema Box Office.

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Come on! What are you waiting for? READY? STEADY? GO!GO!GO!