When Tabulus contacted me to review, I was given the option of having a personalised canvas wrap or personalised mboards.

An mboard is a magnetic notice board that has one or more images printed upon it. These images can be chosen by you or you can buy a pre-designed magnetic notice board featuring our own artwork. mboards are made either as magnetic canvas wraps or as traditional artwork framed in wooden, aluminium or synthetic frames.

Tabulus has a simple-to-use online design tool enables you to design your magnetic notice board and canvas wrap in seconds and shows you exactly how the real design will look.

Tabulus also offers a range of pre-designed magnetic notice boards including stunning magnetic canvas wraps. The magnetic notice boards look beautiful either in the office or the kitchen, and Tabulus offers a wide range of frame sizes, styles and prices to suit your pocket.

Alternatively you could print your favourite photo onto canvas with one of the high quality canvas wraps. A canvas wrap is a contemporary, stylish method of showcasing a special photograph. Tabulus wraps are gallery wraps and again, thanks to a fantastic online design tool, you get to watch your design develop in front of you as you position and size your image to exactly meet your requirements.

The gallery wraps all use high quality 340gms cotton canvas and 38mm wooden frames, offering a large variety of sizes, all at bargain prices. But whether you design a magnetic notice-board or a canvas wrap, Tabulus offer competitive prices or great design tools.

Although personalised mboards look lovely and stylish, we don’t have wedding photos at home. For one reason or another, we haven’t got round to it. I made the most of the opportunity to get our favourite wedding photo done and chose a personalised canvas wrap.

As soon as I sent my photo to Tabulus, I was contacted with size options for my canvas wrap. Customer service was great, very quick and efficient. We exchanged a few emails during the process and I always received a prompt response.

It is really simple to build your own personalised canvas wrap. You just need to upload a photograph to Tabulus image library, select the size, layout and price for your wrap, then click on an image to add it to your wrap.

If required, you can move your photo to the left, right, up or down by selecting the appropriate arrow. You could also zoom in or out in the image. Once you are happy with your design, you could add it to your cart.

From choosing my photo and having it delivered, it took only a week. Before posting my canvas wrap, Seb sent me a photo of it and I couldn’t wait to receive it. My personalised canvas wrap looked so gorgeous and it brought back so many lovely memories from our wedding day.

At the back of the canvas wrap, there were instructions and all the necessary fitting attachments to put it up on a wall. I was watching while hubby put it up and it looked extremely simple. Perhaps I should have a go next time.

My wedding canvas wrap is 12 inches x 18 inches, however you could purchase a 12 inches x 16 inches for RRP £24.99 or 12 inches x 20 inches for only RRP £27.99.

Not only Tabulus offers a great service, their wraps are absolutely gorgeous, great quality and very affordable. Highly recommended to enlarge your photographs and keep your memories.

At the moment, Tabulus has a competition to win a magnetic polkadot board. This design is 12 by 18 inches in size and comes complete with 6 super powerful neodymium skittle magnets, so one magnet hold multiple sheets of paper. This board can be hung landscape or portrait and is supplied with all necessary fitting attachments.

Thank you very much to Tabulus team and Seb for our gorgeous wedding canvas wrap! It has been proudly placed in our living room!

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