Although I wasn’t asked to write about Always a Diamond, I have to let you all know about Always a Diamond – diamond merchants and manufacturers in Hatton Garden who specialise in beautiful diamonds, gem set jewellery and major watch brands.

Nick Bick, also known as Personal Jeweller to the stars and TOWIE’s Diamond Geezer, kindly fixed my engagement ring.

One day at work, right in the middle of a telephone conversation with a client, I suddenly realised that one diamond had gone. I was in shock and speechless, I had to stop the phone call straight away, put the client on hold and ask for help!

Although the whole office helped me to look for the lost diamond, unfortunately we couldn’t find it and I ended up with a ring missing a stone. I had to stop wearing it as I was scared I would end up losing the other diamonds too.

You can’t imagine how happy I was when I went to pick up my engagement ring from Always a Diamond. It was even nicer than I remembered it. My ring had a new diamond in and it was polished, so it was all gorgeous and sparkling – just how a girl likes it!

My wedding ring was feeling a bit lonely without my engagement ring, however they have now being reunited and look quite happy together! Thank you so much Nick for fixing my engagement ring, I absolutely love it!

Whether you need diamond, jewellery or watches, follow @MrNickBick on Twitter. I have noticed Nick is giving away a diamond stud on Twitter when he reaches 7,000 followers. Not long to go, so hurry and follow Nick for a chance of winning stunning earrings!

Always a Diamond is based in the heart of Hatton Garden, London’s premier jewellery quarter. Whether it be a round diamond, princess or emerald cut, certificated or not, Always a Diamond have over £1million worth of made up stock and over £5million of loose diamonds at their disposal to choose from.

With a specialised jewellery department in Hatton Garden, Always a Diamond can create that unique piece of jewellery that you will treasure for life. Put a sparkle back in your life, contact Always a Diamond on 0207 430 0099 or you can email Nick directly on