When I first heard about Tasty Little Numbers, I was intrigued to try and find out more information about their products as Tasty Little Numbers promotes “real food, perfectly portioned, take the messin’ outta guessin’!”

Of course I am a girl, and like any other girl out there, I want to look my best, but you are not going to see me eating diet foods or going on strict diets.

I received a Tasty Little Numbers goodie box and I couldn’t wait to try their products: 200 Calorie Snack Pots, 100 Calorie Savoury Snacks and 100 Calorie Chocolate Bars.

I was excited just by the idea of having a hot meal with a pack of crisps and a bar of chocolate for only 400 calories! You can actually have your cake (chocolate) and eat it, and save on the calories!

The 200 Calorie Snack Pots are all made using ingredients you would find in your kitchen then slow cooked to preserve their flavours.

The snack pots are microwavable, so you can just pop in the microwave for a couple of minutes and they are ready to be enjoyed. It comes with its own handy spork (mixture of a spoon and a fork) and a napkin.

The 200 Calorie Snack Pots come in four delicious flavours: Chicken Tikka Masala which comes with Basmati Rice; Creamy Mushroom Stroganoff which comes with Black Peppered Red Rice; Sausage & Baked Beans which has also Bacon and Tomatoes; and Chilli Con Carne, Minced Beef with Kidney Beans and Red Rice.

My favourite snack pot is the Chicken Tikka Masala. I must admit they are all very tasty and delicious, but I love a good old curry. The portion is smaller than you would have in a normal meal, but they don’t compromise on the flavour. You can have a hot meal for only 200 calories, which I think it’s great!

The 100 Calorie Savoury Snacks are all made in the same way as every other brand of crisps, it is all about portion control. Savoury Snacks come in four tasty flavours: Cheese & Onion Potato Crisps, Texy Mexy Smokey BBQ Grills, Crispy Bacon Rashers and Salt & Vinegar Crunchy Chip Sticks.

Whether you like to have a pack of crisps mid-morning, with your lunch or mid-afternoon, you can choose one of those without worrying about the calorie content.

My favourite savoury snack is the Texy Mexy BBQ Grills: Smokey BBQ flavoured corn chips which are so crunchy and tasty, perfect to be enjoyed any time of the day without feeling guilty.The BBQ flavour reminded me of Brazil!

I enjoyed my savoury snacks after my snack pots and I was pleasantly surprised that my hot meal and crisps only added up to 300 calories!

The 100 Calorie Chocolate Bars are made with real chocolate and sugar, no artificial sweeteners or other nasty stuff is used to sweeten the bars up.

You can have a choice of tasty little crispy crunchy wafer dipped in milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate. Little Tasty Number’s Chocolate Bars are a real treat, full flavour and perfectly portioned, great for when you need a chocolate fix or something sweet with your cup of tea!

Overall, I love reviewing Tasty Little Numbers! Not only their range of products is full of flavour and tasty, they are also just as it says in the pack “Real Food, Perfectly Portioned”.

You can enjoy the food you like without worrying about the calorie content, making eating more enjoyable and pleasant. You can have a 3-course Tasty Little Numbers meal of hot food, crisps and chocolate for only 400 calories.

By now, I am sure you are wondering where to get Tasty Little Numbers from: it is available at selected Sainsbury’s Stores and online at Amazon: unit price for Snack Pots £2.99, Savoury Snack £0.55 and Chocolate Bar £0.55, which is very reasonable taking into account the quality of the products.

Tasty Little Numbers is perfect for a busy person like myself that love real food. It is also ideal for all of us that want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle but think that life is far too short to eat diet food or count calories.

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