I have previously reviewed Dr Beckmann Laundry Products on my blog and I was very impressed with their range of deep clean, washing machine cleaner, colour and dirt collector sheets and stain devils survival kit, everything you need to have beautifully clean clothes.

During our summer holidays in Brazil, we put another Dr Beckmann product to the test: Travel Wash “Wash your Clothes Anytime, Anyplace”.

Dr Beckmann Travel Wash (RRP £1.49 for 100ml) is a special concentrated washing gel, formulated to use when you are travelling and away from home. It claims to bring colours up bright and give you brilliantly clean whites in any type of water. Besides, Travel Wash can also remove stains from clothing, by applying the gel directly to the stained area.

We were quite lucky that we stayed with my parents in Brazil and we had a washing machine at our disposal, but I must confess that I avoided switching it on for as long as I could. After all, we were on holiday and meant to be enjoying the sunshine, not loading the washing machine! I was glad I was sent Travel Wash to review as I could hand wash just what I needed, without having to use the washing machine.

Any of you with young children know how messy they can get, especially when they are kindly asked not to get dirty! Somehow they manage to do the opposite and end up getting really dirty, that’s when Travel Wash comes in really handy, you can wash your clothes anytime, anywhere!

You just need to dissolve one or two teaspoons of the concentrated washing gel into a basin of hot or cold water and then hand wash your clothes. After rinsing the clothes thoroughly, you can dry as usual. I hang up my clothes in the washing line outside by the coconut trees (the ones from the picture on the side).

In case you have any heavily soiled or stained clothes, you can just apply Travel Wash directly to the affected area for on the spot stain removal, scrub lightly and rinse thoroughly before drying. Again, it is really handy having Travel Wash in your suitcase when you are clumsy like me or have a messy child like mine.

Overall, Dr Beckmann Travel Wash is a great invention, it comes in a handy tub with screw cap that can be easily taken on holiday without spilling or making a mess. Dr Beckmann Travel Wash makes it easy to keep your clothes smelling fresh and looking clean when you are away, from now on it is a must-have item in our holiday checklist!

Dr Beckmann has a wide range of effective laundry, stain removal, colour protection and household products at reasonable prices. Dr Beckmann products are highly recommended to anyone that loves their clothes looking clean and smelling fresh!

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