ToxicFox offers a range of amazing personalised gifts including hoodies, mugs and chocolate bars.

ToxicFox has a wide selection of unique gifts, whatever the occasion, from birthdays to Christmas, you will find a perfect personalised gift on ToxicFox website.

The good news is that ToxicFox now has a range of ClaireaBella products on their website, including bags, hoodies, mugs, notebooks, phone cases, t-shirts, calendars and more.

I always wanted a ClaireaBella bag! Not only they are extremely gorgeous and stylish, ClaireaBella are very special as they are handcrafted.

As launched At the Essex Fashion Show, ClaireaBella exclusive hand crafted Polo Jute Bag is already a hit with celebrities and is has now been made available for the very first time.

Besides, ClaireaBella tote bags have been featured on The Only Way is Essex, Katie Price and All About Amy.

I was sent a classic ClaireaBella Polo Jute Bag from ToxixFox (RRP £24.99), a gorgeous bag with blonde hair, blue eyes and pink dress, so cute and girly.

Each bag features an official ClaireaBella design, an elegant bow, a ‘Hand Made with Love’ silver charm, Swarovski Elements and plenty of glitter and sparkle.

You could have the same classic bag like mine, but you also have the option of creating your unique ClaireaBella, tailored to your specification from hair style to skin tone and dress colour.

You can personalise your bag by choosing the hair style (long, short, curly, pixie cut and afro) and hair colour (blonde, brunette, black, red, auburn, dark brown and even brown with highlights).

You can also choose the dress colour (pink, black, white, blue and purple), eye colour (blue, brown, green and hazel) and skin tone (natural jute, fair, dark and darker). The Polo Fashion Bag measures 21cm wide by 15cm high with a 10cm gusset and jute handles.

Please note that it can take up to 15 Working Days to produce a ClaireaBella bag as they are handmade with love.

In addition, as each bag is hand painted by a fully trained ClaireaBella certified artist there may be some slight colour variations, this helps make each and every ClaireaBella Classic Bag unique.

I absolutely love my very own ClaireaBella, it is so gorgeous and unique! Thank you very much ToxicFox for my handcrafted ClaireaBella Polo Jute Bag!

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