Content&Calm has a range of essential children’s travel solutions designed to make family trips fun and enjoyable. Little man was sent a TrayKit Traveller Collection, as seen on Dragon’s Den, to keep him entertained during our summer holiday trip to Brazil.

TrayKit (RRP £24.99) is a all-in-one kid’s carry on backpack and play-tray solution that straps onto train and plane tray tables, or hangs from the seat in front in a car to provide an extendable play surface with raised sides.

Little man was sent a TrayKit in Blue Camo. TrayKit is available in four funky fabrics: Blue Camo, Pink Polka, Stripe & Croc and Star & Whale.

I loved the TrayKit’s concept of all-in-one kid’s carry-on solution. Little man just had to pack his TrayKit full of favourite toys and carry it on board.

TrayKit can be strapped to the tray table – or use it anywhere stand alone – and open it up to reveal a perfect play surface with extendable raised sides – no more toys on the floor!

It was great using TrayKit on the airplane, so practical and useful. TrayKit kept little man’s toys and books organized.

TrayKit Traveller Set (RRP £21.99) combines the brightly coloured Journal, Passport Holder and twin Luggage Tags in one set of co-ordinating travel essentials, all in funky new fabrics.

The Traveller Journal kept little man entertained with coloured pencils, stickers and a handy journal including travel games, a photo library and a fold-out world map.

Little man is really into maps at the moment, so I could show him where England and Brazil were located. He also got to know a few flags, thanks to daddy’s help and geography knowledge!

TrayKit fits within BAA hand baggage allowance dimensions, so we took it to Brazil with us and it kept little man entertained during our journey. I know I’ve already mentioned, but it takes 26 hours to go from our house in England to my parent’s house in Brazil. We had to go through a taxi ride to the airport, 3 flights and a coach to get to our desired destination in Brazil.

You can get a TrayKit Traveller Collection (RRP £39.99) with TrayKit and Traveller Set. You can fit the Traveller Set inside the TrayKit and there will be plenty of space left for other toys and books. Little man loves anything to do with paper and pens, so he had lots of fun with his Traveller Set.

Overall, TrayKit Traveller Collection was a life saver during our summer holidays. It made travelling with little man more fun for him and more relaxing for mummy and daddy. Since then, little man loves taking his TrayKit anywhere he goes!

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