Bottlegreen Drinks is well known for their tasteful, natural still drinks and elegant sparkling presses. They have a wide range of cordials, still and sparkling drinks.

This summer Bottlegreen designed limited edition elderflower cordial and sparkling presse bottles to celebrate the start of the elderflower season.

Limited Edition Elderflower Sparkling Presse (RRP £2.39 for 750ml) features a sophisticated and eye-catching print. As soon as I received it, I was impressed by the stylish design of the bottle featuring a gorgeous floral design with a beautiful finish.

Bottlegreen Sparkling Presse is created by blending the finest natural ingredients with naturally sparkling spring water with no artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or preservatives.

It is a natural crisp and clean soft drink that will refresh you and invigorate your palette.

Elderflower Sparkling Presse has a fresh and clean taste of hand-picked elderflowers blended with pure, lightly sparkling water. It is a delicate, crisp and delightfully refreshing drink.

I enjoy my Elderflower Sparkling Presse simply over ice, it tastes lovely and it is such a refreshing drink. You can also have it as an alternative to tonic if you are having gin.

Whether you are hosting a family gathering or birthday celebration, you could enjoy Elderflower Sparkling Presse as a tasty non-alcoholic drink.

If you prefer, you could also mix it in a cocktail. There are a few cocktail suggestions on Bottlegreen website and I quite like the sound of a light and refreshing Summer Breeze cocktail.

In order to make you very own Summer Breeze cocktail, you will need Elderflower Presse, Strawberry and Elderflower Cordial (also available from Bottlegreen), Vodka and ice cubes.

Summer seems a long time go, so I will definitely be having Summer Breeze to remind me of our wonderful summer holiday in Brazil!

Bottlegreen’s Limited Edition Elderflower Sparkling Presse is available from all major supermarkets.

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