Bare and Beautiful specialises in handmade bath and body products. Bare and Beautiful was started in 2004 when Sarah discovered the nasty chemicals lurking in our everyday bath and body products.

One of her daughters has always suffered with eczema and everyday commercial Bath and Body products made her skin crawl, itchy and sore even so called gentle products!

So after getting as much information as possible about these chemicals in our products, and the damage that they can cause Sarah decided to start making her own products without the nasties.

Sarah started with basic soaps and now Bare and Beautiful has a large selection of products suitable for everybody but especially kids and those with sensitive skins.

The traditional soaps are handmade from scratch using the Hot Process method using only the finest plant & vegetable oils. The ‘Completely Natural Range’ contain only pure and natural ingredients… No chemicals, colours or fragrance oils!

I was sent a Cocoa Butter Bath Bomb before we went away for summer holidays. As we were in Brazil for so long, I didn’t get the chance to try my bath bomb until recently. I am actually glad I waited to try it once we got back to the UK as the lovely smell was so relaxing and got rid of my holiday blues!

The Cocoa Butter Bath Bomb looked so cute, I loved the colourful design. It is made with Pineapple and Creamy Coconut, it reminds me of Brazil, the coconut trees from the garden of my mum’s house.

You can distinguish both smells in the bath, I actually wanted to bite a chunk off as it was so wonderful. I wish there was a way of sharing the gorgeous scent with you all as it smells absolutely amazing. I had a relaxing bath with my bath bomb and the smell was lovely!

Whether you are looking for Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, Butter Bath Melts, Cupcake Extravaganza or Shampoo & Body Wash, you will certainly find at Bare and Beautiful.

It’s a great idea for Christmas, I even noticed a gorgeous Christmas Tree Bath Bomb on their website!

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