Myro, the ‘Smallest Plane in the World’ is a new series of six kids stories created by author Nick Rose.

Myro is in the form of children’s picture story books and one song book (with audio CD) about airplanes for boys and girls aged 3 to 8yrs.

The stories follow Myro’s exciting adventures as he moves from Britain to settle into his new Australian home, where he meets his new aeroplane and animal friends.

Myro the Microlight is as mischievous, curious and prone to disaster as any other five-year-old we might know!

The stories follow his exciting adventures as he settles into his new Australian home, zooming through pages packed with vivid energy, gorgeous landscapes and crazy Australian animals.

Each fully illustrated book contains a ‘map’ of the adventure, a ‘factfile’, a ‘cutaway’ and help with learning the ‘Pilot’s phonetic alphabet’.

Little man loves reading and he also loves airplanes, so he was in love with Myro as soon as he saw the cover of the book. Little man was sent “Myro Arrives in Australia” to review.

Myro Arrives in Australia (RRP £6.99) is the first book in the new series from Myro’s home in the UK to a new life in the Australian Bush. The audio book is narrated by Christopher Biggins and the CD has some lovely songs.

In the book, Myro has to win the friendship and confidence of his new hangar mates: a gyrocopter, helicopter and a Cessna light aircraft. They are wary, but Myro’s size and speed enables him to carry out a daring rescue on a remote farm and help deliver a lamb.

“What a journey!
After weeks at sea and hours on the road, Myro, the smallest plane in the World, scoots onto the scorching runway of his new home far from Britain. He can’t wait to fly! But first there are new friends to make and strange chores to tackle…
A girly gyrocopter? Mustering cattle? Speeding a lambing ewe to safety? Whoa!
Buckle up for the start of Myro’s whirlwind adventures in the endless skies of the Australian Bush.”

Myro Arrives in Australia is a lovely book with bright colours, easy to read story and nice pictures. Little man loves Myro now and he can’t wait to read the other books in the series.

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