A few months ago, we tried e-auto Dual Action Mit and we feel in love with e-cloth products.

e-cloth is a revolutionary way to clean. With 480,000 fibres per cm2, e-cloths have enormous cleaning power. The act of drawing this volume of cleaning edges across a surface gives a deeper clean than cleaning with chemicals. The fibres break up and remove more grease and dirt, incredibly using just water.

e-cloths clean quickly and easily – just wet and wipe. Unlike conventional cloths, as you draw an e-cloth across a surface, the fibres clean by breaking up, trapping and absorbing dirt, grease and bacteria into the material. All this with just water.

e-cloth Bathroom pack (RRP £9.49), ultimate cleaning solution for bathrooms, comes with two cloths, one bathroom cloth and one glass and polishing cloth. From bath to mirrors to taps, it cleans and give it a sparkling clean.

The Bathroom Cloth has longer and thicker fibres with great cleaning power and high absorbency. It is ideal for cleaning wet areas around sinks, baths and showers. The bathroom cloth can be used regularly to prevent the build-up of limescale.

The thick bathroom cloth, used damp, cleans thick grease, dirt and bacteria from all bathroom areas with a wipe. The scrubby side should be used for tougher dirt and grime.

The Glass and Polishing Cloth has a specialist fibre construction and weave to increase the speed of moisture absorption. It is ideal for making surfaces streak-free by removing grease and finger marks from shiny surfaces.

The thin glass and polishing cloth, used dry on a dampened surface, cleans light grease and finger marks. It is ideal for chrome, mirrors and glass. I used it to polish mirrors and glass, and the result was impressive.

e-cloth bathroom pack is great on all hard surfaces: baths, showers, glass, mirrors, tiles and taps.

It cleans and shines all bathroom surfaces with just water by using the glass and polishing cloth after the general purpose cloth for perfect finish.

e-cloth has a wide range of environmentally friendly cleaning products to keep your whole house clean and sparkling, from kitchen and bathroom, to glass and windows.

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