Little man likes having a bath and splashing in the water, but now he enjoys bath time even more as he spends ages playing with Crazy Soap.

Little man has been testing Crazy Soap products and he’s in love with it. I need to literally drag him out of the bath as he doesn’t get out.

Crazy Soap is specially formulated for children and turns bath time into fun time.

Crazy Soap Foam, Paint and Goo are mild and gentle on the skin with a fruity fragrance. You can shape it, paint it and bubble it up!

Crazy Soap Foam (RRP £2.00) is soap in a can that can be squirted, moulded and bounced into any shape.

You could get everyone to use their imagination and try animals and funny shapes before using it to get squeaky clean.

Little man likes making pretend ice cream out of Crazy Soap Foam, he says he makes vanilla ice cream and vegetable ice cream!

Crazy Soap Foam has a lovely fruity scent and it is available in Original White and Glorious Green. Little man loved the idea of having green foam in his bath.

Crazy Soap Bath Goo (RRP £2.99) is soap that looks like yellow goo. It is a thick scoopable bath gel.

You just need to scoop it and squidge it under running water and turn it into fruity fragranced bubbles for bath time fun that cleans kids as they play.

Little man loved the texture of Crazy Soap Bath Goo, it made him giggle! He loves bubble bath, so he enjoyed the thick long lasting foam bubbles made from Bath Goo.

Crazy Soap Body Paint (RRP £2.49) is a soap that is a paint and it’s available in blue or red. Crazy Soap Body Paint rinses off body and bath easily and has a PH balanced formula to gently cleanse and moisturise delicate skin.

You could try painting one hand blue and one hand red and then rub together to make purple before washing off to reveal clean skin underneath. I must say little man had a great time with the body paint and he was incredibly clean at the end of the bath!

Overall, little man loved Crazy Soap products, it makes bath time more enjoyable and full of fun! In case your child doesn’t like having a bath, you could give crazy soap a try. I’m sure they won’t resist having fun with body paint, coloured foam and yellow goo.

Crazy Soap is suitable for children aged 3+ under adult supervision and should not be used on the face, mouth, eyes, ears or broken skin.

Crazy Soap is available from Tesco and Morrisons and Lloyds Health Village Thurrock.

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