I have been using Tropic Skincare Cleanser and Toner for a couple of weeks and my skin is already feeling more hydrated and smooth.

I have mentioned in previous blog posts that I have sensitive skin and rosacea, so I can only apply certain skincare products on my face. I am glad to have found a new cleanser and toner that I am safe to use.

Tropic is a natural skin care range that is packed to bursting with active plant proteins, vitamins and antioxidants. With eight products, ranging from the Smoothing Cleanser to the Eye Revive Firming Nourishing Cream, the entire Tropic Skincare range is cruelty free, vegan friendly and packed with 100% plant derived proteins that keep skin nourished and hydrated.

Susan Ma, finalist from last year’s Apprentice, has combined her business nous with her beauty knowledge to create a natural skincare range, Tropic Skincare. Following years of research and hard work, the former Apprentice star has applied her passion, determination and entrepreneurial flair to her business and developed a range of natural and affordable skincare products that has received investment from the ultimate business partner, Lord Sugar.

Smoothing Cleanser (RRP £15.00) is a luxurious spa facial kit that is perfect for all types of skin, effortlessly wiping away makeup and impurities and leaving soft, hydrated and radiantly smooth skin. The rich and creamy cleanser is enriched with pure plant actives. It contains refreshing extracts of green tea to brighten skin tone, avocado to soften, camomile to soothe, eucalyptus to refresh and uplift, while jojoba, vitamin E and avocado nourishes and hydrates, leaving the skin soft.

The cleanser comes with a 100% Organic Bamboo fibre face cloth which is naturally antibacterial and super soft. The cloth gently buffs away dead skin cells for wonderfully soft skin. It gently steam, exfoliate and stimulate skin renewal.

The cleanser smells lovely and refreshing, it feels really good and relaxing applying the cleanser after a busy day. After massaging the cleanser onto dry skin over my face and skin, I simply wet the organic bamboo cloth with warm water and use to smooth away impurities. The cleanser leaves my skin feeling clean and nourished, it is followed with Vitamin Toner Refreshing Spritz.

Vitamin Toner (RRP £12.00) is an alcohol-free refreshing spritz enriched with vitamins and antioxidants that detoxifies, refines pores and clarifies complexion for instant skin radiance. It is a heavenly scented tonic which contains pure aloe vera juice to balance skin pH, soothe and refresh. It also has vitamin C essential to even skin tone as it brightens skin complexion, rose water to hydrate, soften and refine, and cucumber to cool and refresh.

Vitamin Toner is suitable for all skin types and it was specially formulated to promote optimum skin pH and moisture for naturally refined and glowing skin. After using the cleanser, I spritz the toner all over my face and neck and wipe away with a cotton wool pad. You could also apply the toner any time of the day to instantly hydrate and boost skin radiance.

After using Tropic Cleanser and Toner, my skin is glowing and feeling nourished.

Tropic Skincare is highly recommended if you are after skincare products that naturally look after your skin. It is recommended to apply Tropic Skin Revive Firming Cream after the toner, so I cannot wait to try the Skin Revive for even better results.

The new Tropic Skincare range is available to purchase online at Tropic Skincare website.

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