Each month Matalan asks UK bloggers to style up an outfit based on a specific theme. This month the challenge is slightly different as Matalan wants the kids to take over and style up a Christmas Morning outfit with mummy’s help.

I was delighted to be invited to take part of Matalan Style Project. I have been checking out the outfits for the past few months, so I was looking forward to getting involved.

Matalan has a lovely selection of cosy jumpers and cardigans, so little man and I sat down in front of the computer to pick an outfit. Thanks to Peppa Pig shopping online on one of the episodes, my three and half year old boy knows exactly what to do: click on it and it will be delivered to your house soon. That’s exactly what we did and this is the Christmas Morning outfit we came up with!

Matalan Christmas Outfit

Christmas only happens once a year, so it is perfect opportunity to get dressed up and wear something nice and festive! Little man’s outfit is festive yet comfortable as I am sure he will spend most of the day playing after opening his Christmas presents!

Boys Shirt and Waistcoat (RRP £12.00) is a stylish berry coloured shirt and black waistcoat.

Belted Denim Jean (RRP £9.00) is a trendy black denim jeans with a stylish belt accessory.

Matalan Style Project: Christmas Morning OutfitBoys Denim Canvas Boots (RRP £12.00) is a dark denim fabric lace up canvas boots that add a streetwise vibe little man’s Christmas look.

Jacquard Knitted Jumper (RRP £9.00) Nice, cosy and Christmassy! Patterned knitted Jacquard jumper in brown with a button close on the neck.

Hat Scarf and Gloves Set (RRP £7.00) is a cute set of black knitted hat, gloves and scarf adorned with a pattern of snowflakes.

Gorgeous Christmas outfit for only £49!

Now I need your help, please vote for little man. Please visit Matalan blog and vote for “Lilinha from Lilinha Angel’s World”.

Thank you so much and Have a Lovely Weekend Everyone!!! 🙂 x