Christmas Gift Guide: Top Gifts for Her

It’s that time of the year again – Christmas is nearly here, only 10 days away!

I love Christmas, it’s such a wonderful time, but I usually get a bit lost and I’m not too sure what to get for the ladies and the gents in our family. This year, I put together a list of gifts that have been tried, tested and loved for us.

Hubby reviewed Top Christmas Gifts for Him and I am reviewing gifts for her. Together we are hoping to give you some inspiration and suggestions.

Here is our list of top ladies’s gifts under £10, in no particular order – all of those gifts have our seal of approval!

Top Christmas Gifts for Her:

Gorgeous Jewellery by Mirrorballgirl

Gorgeous Jewellery by Mirrorballgirl

The lovely Charlie has a wonderful selection of jewellery, different designs and styles.

She likes to make fun, colourful jewellery that you can wear everyday or going out. Whatever takes your fancy.

Everything is handmade by Charlie. She likes to source her beads from anywhere & everywhere, markets, shops, online, etc.

Personalised Jewellery by mirrorballgirl

Mirrorball has a lovely selection of ready-to-order bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

However if you prefer to have personalised Jewellery as a gift to your loved one, contact Charlie to discuss your needs.

I love my “Brazilian Babe” bracelet that Charlie made for me – not only it is gorgeous, it is also unique as it was made just for me!

Mirrorball jewellery is available at Mudpool and Folsky online shops.

You can follow mirrorballgirl on Twitter.

Denman AnarKitty “Sassy” D3

Denman AnarKitty “Sassy” D3 AnarKitty’s style focuses on strong and individual women in today’s culture but gives them a feminine twist. She also signs her work with the initials ‘AK’.

Denman International has teamed up with local Northern Irish artist, Emma Geary AKA ‘AnarKitty’ to create this Special Edition design for the famous Denman D3 brush. Denman were looking for stylish artwork that was completely original and unique for the classic Denman D3 brush.

Denman AnarKitty Brush

Denman and AnarKitty worked together to incorporate the Denman crown, the famous asymmetrical bob hairstyle and the Rococo swirl design.

I really like my AnarKitty brush, it is not only a great Denman hair brush, but it is also very stylish!

The AnarKitty ‘Sassy’ brush is ideal for any fashionista with an eye for style, individuality and elegance.

Denman AnarKitty “Sassy” D3 (RRP £7.50) is available at Denman website. You can follow Denman on Twitter and follow Denman on Facebook.

Shopper-holic Shopper

Shopper-holic Shopper is a light reusable shopper bag with an eye-catching design.

You’ll be able to sneak Christmas pressies into the house undetected and when you’re not using the bag it can be folded into a flat little pouch.

Once the festive season is over, you can use your Shopper-holic Shopper to hold your groceries instead of the supermarket plastic bags.

Shopper-Holic by Mustard

It’s a lovely versatile bag, it folds down into a flat little bag when you don’t need it, opens up big when you do.

The Shopperholic Shopper is a stylish bag that’s always on hand when you need a hand.

Shopper-holic Shopper (RRP £4.98) is available in soft pink and champagne from Mustard website.

Hot Cookie by Mustard

Mustard is a creative and innovative company which takes a sideways look at life. Sometimes that means creating products that no-one’s ever thought of, but everyone wishes they had. And at other times it means inventing things that are downright, unashamed fun. But whatever Mustard does, it’s always done with a smile.

Hot Cookie is a USB powered cup warmer, ideal to keep your favourite drink nice and warm.

Fed up of watching your tea get cold while your keyboard heats up? The clever Hot Cookie pad sits under your cup and plugs straight into any USB port to keep your drink gently warm.

Hot Cookie Cup Warmer

So no matter how long you’re working or how absorbing those online clips – refreshment is always at hand.

Hot Cookie is a great invention, I enjoy a cup of tea but it often gets cold while I’m busy working. Now I can keep my cup of tea warm at all times!

Hot Cookie (RRP £9.98) is available from Mustard website.

For more contemporary fun, click through to Mustard website. Follow Mustard on Twitter and follow Mustard on Facebook.

Merry Christmas Everyone! 🙂

The products were provided free of charge for review purposes. However the opinions expressed in this guide are honest and entirely my own.