Christmas Gift Guide: Top Gifts for Children

I have previously shared our Top Christmas Gifts for Him and Top Christmas Gifts for Her.

As a mum, I always look for durable and entertaining Christmas presents for my own child and for his little cousins and friends. I don’t want to give something that they will only play on Christmas day, but a special gift that will keep them entertained all year round.

Here is my list of top gifts that have been tried, tested and loved by us. Little man really enjoyed his task of reviewing those gifts and they all have his seal of approval!

In no particular order, those are my top gifts this Christmas!

Christmas Gifts for Children:

Poppy Cat: All Aboard!

Poppy Cat Books is a great gift idea for Poppy Cat fans like little man. He recently met Poppy Cat at John Lewis and also reviewed Talking Poppy Cat Soft Toy.

There are two new fun Poppy Cat storybooks – Poppy Cat: All Aboard! and Poppy Cat: Blast Off!

Poppy Cat books have a simple layout and eye-catching artwork, making them ideal for small hand and perfect for young readers.

Poppy Cat: Blast Off!

They provide a perfect beginning to Poppy Cat, her friends and their wonderful adventures, springing to life through the colourful page to reveal stories of friendship and fantasy play.

Little man is enjoying fun with adventures with Poppy Cat and her friends. In Poppy Cat: All Aboard! they are searching for pirate treasure; while in Poppy Cat: Blast Off!, they are investigating space.

Poppy Cat books (RRP £4.99) by Campbell Books are available at Panmacmillan.

You can follow Poppy Cat on Twitter and Poppy Cat on Facebook.

Festive Fun Bucket by Cocoon Collection

Festive Fun Bucket for Boys by Cocoon Collection is filled with lots of fun goodies to keep boys busy this Christmas. We already like Cocoon Collection, a few months ago I reviewed a Relax Pack and hubby reviewed “Foot Balls…” on Father’s Day. Now it’s little man’s turn to review a Children’s Gift.

It comes with a little clockwork tin Santa, a Grow My First Sunflower set which is a fun pouch which doubles as a plant pot, with a picture to colour in on the outside. It also comes with seeds and soil inside to grow a sunflower on the window sill.

Festive Fun Bucket for Boys

Growing Festive Fun is a Christmas themed figure inside a cute egg container, which will grow and grow when they add a touch of water. Gingerbread Penguin cookie and a cute bag containing twenty little milk choc Christmas Puddings.

Besides, there is also a Christmas Pocket Sticker Activity Book providing 32 pages of fun and a pack of 6 crayons. It also comes with Squidgy spalt Snowball to be thrown around and Monster Ball, squidgy fun hairy looking creature with cute eyes.

Festive Fun Bucket (RRP £19.99) comes wrapped up with cello and ribbon in a lovely green zinc pot and it is available for boys and girls at Cocoon Collection. There is also a wide selection of gifts on their website. You can follow Cocoon Collection on Twitter and become a fan of Cocoon Collection on Facebook.

Pillow Pets

Pillow Pets has a large range of plush folding stuffed animals, adding true function to that warm and wonderful feeling by combining the security of a stuffed animal with the functionality of a pillow.

Made of high quality, super soft chenille, Pillow Pets plush folding stuffed animals make the most precious snuggle friend for you or your loved one. Pillow Pets are extremely versatile, these unique creations have a strap that closes underneath to transform them into friendly pets. Simply open the strap and the pet becomes a pillow!

Ms Lady Bug Pillow Pet

Little man was sent Ms Lady Bug to review and he absolutely loves his Pillow Pet. Ms Lady Bug is so soft and cuddly, little man fell in love as soon as he saw it. This little lady bird is buzzing with cheer, thanks to her huge smile, fun antennas and bright red and black plush fur. I must say Ms Lady Bug is too cute!

Pillow Pets make a great Christmas present for children, check out their large selection of cuddly Pillow Pets.

You can follow Mookie Toys on Twitter and Pillow Pets UK on Facebook.

Bigsby Story Buddy by Hallmark

Bigsby Story Buddy is a great toy for children. Read Bigsby’s book, Bigsby’s Best Friend, aloud with your little one and Bigsby will chime in with his own responses!

Bring storytime to life with our family of Interactive Story Buddies. Meet Bigsby, the shy guy who loves to go on adventures with his best friends. Kids will love hearing him respond as you read key words aloud from his included book.

Bigsby Interactive Storybook and Buddy

About the included book, Bigsby’s Best Friend: Sam, the outgoing, friendly new kid in town, follows giant footprints on the ground, only to find the extremely shy Bigsby.

Sam treats Bigsby like he would anybody else, and the two become fast friends. Bigsby learns the power of friendship. Little man really enjoys bedtime story with Bigsby. The interactive Story Buddy makes a great Christmas present.

Bigsby Storybook and Buddy (RRP £19.99) is available at Hallmark. There is a selection of gifts available on their website. You can follow Hallmark on Twitter and Hallmark on Facebook.

Hexbug Warriors and Spider

Hexbug Warriors is a brand new range of battling robots from the most famous robotic bug creator. HEXBUG Warriors are designed for battle!

Brand new HEXBUG Warriors are tiny, collectible, micro robots that use the physics of vibration to propel forward and battle with competitors. These futuristic fighters come all the way from the year 2087 and are available in four colours, representing four duelling science academies from the future – Viridia Prep, Tronikon Tech, Bionika Cyborg & Caldera Prep.

Hexbug Warriors and Hexbug Nano in Started Set

Users strategically customise their HEXBUG Warriors with a combination of mechanical weapons and armour that then prepare them to outmanoeuvre opponents in competitions staged in specially designed Battle Arenas and Stadiums.

Once the Warriors are equipped and ready for battle they crash, jab and jostle with their opponents until they win or lose by running out of health – at which point they deactivate.

There are 12 assorted HEXBUG Warrior Battling Robots Single packs available for fans to collect.

Hexbug Nano, Glows in the Dark Starter Set and Bobble Bot

Bobble Bots are the first ever moving Moshlings, bringing together innovative HEXBUG® technology and the famous Moshi Monsters brand.

Little man was already a fan of Hexbug Nano, now he’s also a fan of Hexbug Warrior. They make a lovely Christmas Gift, you can mix match from the Hexbug range.

Battling Robot (RRP £7.99), Hexbug Nano (RRP £6.99), Hexbug Spider (RRP £19.99), Glows in the Dark Starter Set (RRP £14.99) and Bobble Bots (RRP £4.99) are available at Toys R US and online at

You can follow HEXBUG on Twitter and HEXBUG on Facebook.

Merry Christmas! 🙂

The products were provided free of charge for review purposes. However the opinions expressed in this guide are honest and entirely my own.