Dizolve Concentrated Laundry Detergent

Dizolve non-bio washing sheets are a revolutionary way of washing clothes, powerful and simple.

Dizolve promotes “Say goodbye to measuring cups, bulky bottles and messy spills. Dizolve Concentrated Laundry Detergent Sheets are the new, trouble-free solution to using traditional powders, liquids and liquitabs.”

Dizolve Non-Bio Washing Sheets

Until recently, I have spotted Dizolve in the supermarket, however I had never tried Dizolve before and I wondered whether it would really wash my clothes.

Little man’s clothes always come home really dirty from nursery and I need a powerful laundry detergent to remove all dirt and stains.

I have been trying Dizolve for the past few weeks and I am impressed. Not only it has a pleasant and fresh smell, it washes really well.

Dizolve Lavender Sheets

Dizolve sheets come in Fresh Linen and Lavender fragrances and I was sent samples of both to review. They are both lovely, but fresh linen is our favourite.

The first time I tried Dizolve, hubby came home from work and mentioned that the house was smelling great – we don’t have a tumble drier, so we our clothes are usually hanged indoors unless on a sunny day.

Dizolve Fresh Linen Sheets

Dizolve is the new way to wash, non-bio washing sheets with concentrated cleaning power. You only need one sheet per wash and it is suitable for all types of machines.

I usually wash our clothes on 30C, so I was pleased to find out that Dizolve works on hot and cold water.

Dizolve is really easy to use and practical. Dizolve sheets contain biodegradable cleaning ingredients and they are pre-measured for one normal load of 4.5kg, there are no overdosing or messy spills.

Dizolve Non-Bio Washing Sheets

I just load our washing machine as usual and place one Dizolve sheet on top of the clothes.

Once the wash is finished, there is no sign of Dizolve, as the sheet dissolves completely into water, leaving the clothes nice and clean.

Not only Dizolve is easier to use and cleaner, it is also greener. Dizolve has up to 80% less packaging, which means less lorries in the roads and less vehicle pollution due to compact packaging.

Dizolve is available at Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and all good convenience stores at RRP £4.99 for 20 non-bio sheets.

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These products were provided free of charge for review purposes. However the opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.