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a2 Milk

I was invited to take part in a BzzAgent campaign for a2 Milk, which is different to regular milk.

While most cow’s milk contains both A1 and A2 proteins – all natural a2 Milk comes from specially selected cows that produce milk containing only the A2 protein.

The Bzz guide explains:

a2 milk

Natural Answer to A1 Milk Protein Intolerance

“Do you ever feel uncomfortable after drinking milk? Try a2 Milk for two weeks to see if your body prefers it. a2 Milk is a natural great tasting milk from specially selected British Cows that offers all the health benefit of milk but that may be more suitable for those with digestive issues when drinking milk.”

a2 milk

a2 Milk: Whole Version

Until I heard about a2 milk, I was convinced I was lactose intolerant, although I have not been medically diagnosed with it.

As cow’s milk and dairy products make me feel uncomfortable, I had to switch to soya milk a couple of years ago.

After using a2 milk, I found out I have an intolerance to A1 milk protein.

While I was reading about a2 milk and A1 and A2 protein, I was curious to find out whether I would be able to drink cow’s milk again.

I was pleasantly surprised when I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all after trying a2 milk for a few days.

As everything was going well, I carried on with the two week challenge and I must say that it went really well.

a2 milk breakfast

a2 Whole Milk Breakfast

Luckily we were able to easily find a2 milk at our local supermarket. I tried both versions: whole and semi-skimmed milk.

Hubby bought me the whole milk first as he thought it was the only option available.

I must highlight that I found it a little bit too rich, as I am used to the consistence and taste of soya milk.

However I still had the whole bottle, I used it on my tea, cereal and to make a banana milkshake, they were still nice.

When I tried semi-skimmed a2 milk, I was really happy as it tastes just like standard cow’s milk – as far as I can remember.

I switched to semi-skimmed to the rest of the 2 week challenge and everything went well.

a2 semi-skimmed milk

a2 Milk: Semi-Skimmed

While I was undertaking the challenge, I switched my little boy’s bedtime milk to a2 milk and he didn’t notice.

I also poured a2 milk on hubby’s tea and he didn’t notice any difference.

I’m convinced it tastes like normal cow’s milk, however a2 milk doesn’t have the protein that makes me feel uncomfortable.

a2 Semi-Skimmed Milk Breakfast

a2 Semi-Skimmed Milk Breakfast

Although a2 milk (RRP £1.99) is considerably more expensive than normal cow’s milk, it is still cheaper than soya milk. So for me, I would consider buying a2 milk in the future.

Please note that a2 Milk is not suitable for anyone medically diagnosed with galactosaemia, lactose intolerance, a milk allergy or other milk protein intolerances. If in doubt about severe symptoms then always consult a GP before trying.

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