Weightwatchers Jams

Weightwatchers Jams

Good morning!

My question is: what did you have for breakfast this morning? I had toast with jam and it was lovely and sweet!

A survey* released by Weight Watchers® Jam reveals that women’s fear of carbs had contributed to a drop in Jam sales of 3% over the last 12 months (AC Nielsen September 2011).

Weightwatchers Raspberry Jam

Weightwatchers Raspberry Jam

48% of women polled in the survey admitted to having banned bread and cakes entirely from their homes in the past 12 months with 60% citing a lack of willpower as the reason -leaving little to spread their jam on!

This figure was at its highest in Essex with 73% of those polled admitting to having banned all carbs from their homes. However supermarkets are now seeing a change in shopper behaviours thanks to the resurgence of home baking spurred on by popular shows such as The Great British Bake Off and Master Chef.

One Serving of  Raspberry Jam

One Serving of Raspberry Jam

Weight Watchers Jam is seeing a particular spike after the recent announcement that NHS has named Weight Watchers as the best weight management plan for those looking to slim.

Gerry Monkcom, Senior Brand Manager at Petty Wood, producers of Weight Watchers Jam comments: ‘the typical tea time occasion featuring jam was steadily in decline but the category is now seeing a steady growth thanks to shows like GBBO introducing new shoppers and people getting more on board with the notion that a little bit of something fancy, won’t harm you as part of a sensible eating plan’.

Weightwatchers Raspberry Jam

Raspberry Jam on Toast

The research goes on to highlight that the generation game seems to affect women’s attitudes towards ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods with over half (52%) of 18-24 year olds having banned bread entirely from their homes compared to a third (33%) of women aged 55 and over.

*Survey conducted by OnePoll in October 2012, sample of 500 respondents

Weightwatchers Blackcurrant Jam

Weightwatchers Blackcurrant Jam

I believe that we can have everything in life – in moderation. I love sugar, I can’t deny! I was brought out having cakes and pastries for breakfast. So some nice jam in the morning with toast is one of my favourite breakfasts!

I was sent two different flavours of Weight Watchers jams to try: Raspberry and Blackcurrant.

Weight Watchers jams are prepared with reduced sugar, they contain 35% less sugar compared to standard jam. As they are low in sugar, they are healthier and better for you. Besides, they have no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

One Serving of  Blackcurrant Jam

One Serving of Blackcurrant Jam

Weight Watchers Raspberry Jam is prepared with 55 grams of fruit per 100 grams of finished product. Each serving of one heaped teaspoon has only 25 calories.

I was wondering whether one teaspoon would be enough for one slice of toast and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it is the right amount.

The raspberry jam is lovely and low calorie. It tastes very fruity and quite nice!

Blackcurrant Jam on Toast

Blackcurrant Jam on Toast

Weight Watchers Blackcurrant Jam is prepared with 40 grams of fruit per 100 grams of finished product. Each serving of one heaped teaspoon has only 24 calories. It is also very tasty and fruity!

The whole family enjoyed both jams, they are easily spreadable and have a nice texture with pieces of fruit in it. Weight Watchers jam are low sugar, so they are not overly sweet, which is a bonus.

We’ve been enjoying the jams at breakfast, the next step is to cook with them. They are healthier than usual jams, so perhaps I will be able to have an extra fairy cake?!

Weight Watchers jams are available at most supermarkets at RRP £1.89.

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The products were provided free of charge for review purposes. However the opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.