New Year's Resolution

I know it’s already end of January, but I was enjoying the festive season until a couple of weeks ago. I always try and make Christmas last as long as possible. I love Christmas and it is not fair that it lasts just one day taking into account all the preparation involved.

I usually start the festive season as soon as the mince pies hit the shops and it lasts until I go back to my normal routine. The only problem is this time the mince pies arrived quite early and we went away on holiday for Christmas and New Year. We had a great time in France, but we had a bit too much cheese, wine and croissants! It was already mid-January when I went back to routine.

So what are my New Year’s Resolutions?

  • Drink more water: it sounds silly, but I don’t drink the daily recommended amount. I need to have a bottle of water with me throughout the day, otherwise I will forget to drink it.
  • Exercise more: I started going to Zumba over a year ago, however I can easily cancel a class to do something else, anything from tiredness to dinner invitations. Besides, I took a long break from Zumba at the beginning of December until mid-January. I consider that my New Year finally started when I went back to work and to Zumba. In order to exercise more, I will stop giving myself lame excuses and go to Zumba more often.
  • Eat healthy: I like fruit and veg, however I need to start eating more salads and include different fruit and vegetables in my diet. I love sweets, they are my weakness. I would swap a piece of fudge for a slice of pizza any day of the week. I need to reduce my sugary treats and replace them with naturally sweet fruit!

Right, now that Christmas is officially over, it’s time to start putting my New Year’s Resolution into practice so I can Get Fit and Feel Epic!

This is my entry for the Get Fit Feel Epic competition from, hosted at Mum Reinvented