Crafty Kids Valentine’s Day Cards with Petals

Crafty Kids Valentine’s Day Cards with Petals

Craft Materials Required

Craft Materials Required

Valentine’s Day is nearly here, so what a better way than crafting your own Valentine’s Day cards while keeping your children busy?

My little boy loves crafting and he has always a great time, whether we are painting, sticking, cutting or drawing.

We haven’t bought our Valentine’s Day card yet, so we thought it would be a better idea to make them this year.

Cut out Hearts

Cut out Hearts

I’m sure daddy will appreciate much more a handmade crafted card than a shop bought one.

I am aware that there will be lots of old flowers and roses next week after Valentine’s Day, so this is a great idea to use up old flowers instead of throwing them in the bin.

Removing Petals from Old Flowers

Removing Petals from Old Flowers

You will need:

  • Coloured sheets of paper
  • Glue
  • Old flowers or roses
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Glitters
  • Any craft materials you have spare

We started by cutting hearts out of a pink sheet then folding the other sheets in a card format.

You might need a grown-up to help to cut out the hearts by folding a whole piece of paper in twice, so you will end up with 4 hearts of the same size.

Then little man removed the petals from the old roses and saved the flower sticks to be used instead of a glue stick.

First Valentine's Day Card

First Valentine’s Day Card

Crafting First Valentine's Card

Crafting First Valentine’s Card

First Card:

One cut out heart was glued on one of the cards and little man also put glue on top of it.

The cut out heart was decorated with little pieces of red pipe cleaners.

Little man then added lots of silver glitter to the heart.

Little man used his special glue stick (flower stick) to spread out the glue at the top and bottom of the card.

Then loose petals were glued on to it. Leave it to dry.

Second Valentine's Day Card

Second Valentine’s Day Card

Crafting Second Valentine's Card

Crafting Second Valentine’s Card

Second Card:

The cut out heart was glued on the card and glue was added to the top of the heart.

Loose petals were glued on the heart.

A red pipe cleaner was glued around the heart and shaped into a heart.

You might need to ask a grown-up to help you to get the right shape of a heart.

Glitter was added on top of the heart design. Leave it to dry.

Third Valentine's Day Card

Third Valentine’s Day Card

Crafting Third Valentine's Card

Crafting Third Valentine’s Card

Third Card:

The remaining two cut out hearts were glued on the card.

Little man also put glue on top of the heart.

Then red and silver glitter were applied on the hearts.

Little man put glue around the corners of the card.

Shredded petals were placed on the borders.

Leave it to dry.

Valentine's Panel

Valentine’s Panel

Crafting Valentine's Panel

Crafting Valentine’s Panel

Valentine’s Panel:

As there was quite a lot of left over crafting material after producing the Valentine’s Day cards and we don’t like any wastage, little man made a Valentine’s Day Panel.

First he added lots of glue to a whole piece of paper, then used his flower stick to spread it out evenly.

All the remaining shredding and loose petals were glued to the paper.

Crafting with Petals

Crafting with Petals

Little man then added glue to the back of the leftover paper from the cut out hearts and glued it on top of petals.

Little man had lots of fun making those Valentine’s Day cards and panels.

Crafting is a great way to recycle materials while keeping your children entertained.

Instead of throwing away the flower bouquet, it was used to craft and make Valentine’s Day cards.

Crafty Kids Valentine’s Day Cards with Petals

Crafty Kids Valentine’s Day Cards with Petals

By crafting those card, two problems were tacked at the same time.

We won’t need to go out and buy card this year and little man loved making them.

In order to create those cards, we didn’t need to buy anything as we used up whatever we had at home. Feel free to be creative and make your own designs.

Little man is very proud of his Valentine’s Day creations!