Buyagift Super Mum

Buyagift Super Mum

I wanted to nominate my mum for “Buyagift Super Mum” – she is an amazing woman, inspirational and kind.

Unfortunately she lives in Brazil so she wouldn’t be able to enjoy the lovely pampering and dining prize kindly offered by Buyagift.

So who should I nominate as a Super Mum? Myself of course!

My Little Boy!

My Little Boy!

Why do I consider myself a Super Mum?

For the past decade, I have been living in London.

I left my family in Brazil when I was only 18 years old and I have been living far away from them every since.

I must say that it has been challenging living in a foreign country but very enjoyable too!

I have met my wonderful husband and together we have built our family and had a gorgeous little boy!

Together We Have Fun!

Together We Have Fun!

I got pregnant as I started my BSc Biological Sciences degree and gave birth to my little boy during my First Year Exams.

Motherhood has been an exciting challenge as I have been working full-time while undertaking my university degree and taking care of my family.

I am extremely pleased with my results at University – I have been awarded First Class Honours, all achieved while being a mum.

We Enjoy Fine Food

We Enjoy Fine Food

I deserve a pampering day because I am always running around looking after my family and making sure they have the best.

Whether I’m making fresh pancakes for breakfast or homemade cupcakes.

I always give my family the very best!

I deserve an evening of fine dining because I love beautifully presented food and I appreciate the different flavours and textures.

"My Mum is a Super Mum"

“My Mum is a Super Mum”

We thoroughly enjoy going to restaurants and trying different cuisine.

I would be extremely happy if I was picked as Buyagift Super Mum!

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