Mother's Day Breakfast by Asda

Mother’s Day Breakfast by Asda

Little Man making Mother's Day Toast

Little Man making Mother’s Day Toast

Asda has a lovely selection of affordable Mother’s Day treats and gifts to ensure that your mum has an unforgettable day!

If you haven’t prepared for Mother’s Day yet, there is no need to panic as you can quickly pop into Asda to get what you need for Sunday.

I caught a little boy in the kitchen preparing my special Mother’s Day toast for breakfast.

Asda I Love Mum Toast Stamp

Asda I Love Mum Toast Stamp

I am looking forward to having a lie-in on Sunday and breakfast in bed. I wish everyday was Mother’s Day!

I know what I will be having on Mother’s Day.

I will enjoy my tea of my “Great Mum” mug while eating some “I Love Mum” toasted bread.

It will be followed by “Mum” biscuits, “Love You Mum” chocolate coins and Mother’s Day Mallows.

Asda Great Mum Mug

Asda Great Mum Mug

Asda I Love Mum Toast Stamp (RRP £1.00) is a pretty in pink toast stamp.

You just need to press the toast stamp design onto uncooked bread on flat surface before popping it in the toaster.

In a minute or so, you will have a beautiful message appearing in the toast.

I loved my “I Love Mum” toast, it is really sweet!

Asda Great Mum Mug (RRP £1.00) is such a lovely mug.

It has a colourful design with butterflies and flowers, a smiling mum and “Great Mum” written in coloured letters.

Asda Mother’s Day Mallows

Asda Mother’s Day Mallows

My cute “Great Mum” mug put a big smile on my face!

Asda Mother’s Day Mallows for a super special mum (RRP £1.00)

It comes with 8 soft mallows with a pink white chocolate flavour coating and desiccated coconut.

I love coconut and marshmallow, so the Mother’s Day Mallows are perfect for me!

The mallows look gorgeous and they are delicious!

Asda Shortbread Mum Letters Biscuits

Asda Shortbread Mum Letters Biscuits

Asda Shortbread Mum Letters Biscuits (RRP £1.00) are iced shortbread biscuits.

There is pink icing around each letter and beautiful little flowers decorating the word.

The biscuits are so delicate and very tasty!

Asda Happy Mother’s Day Chocolate Tokens

Asda Happy Mother’s Day Chocolate Tokens

Asda Happy Mother’s Day Chocolate Tokens (RRP £1.00) is an 84g of solid chocolate milk coins wrapped up.

Half of the chocolates have a butterfly design while the other chocolate coins have a “Love You Mum” message.

I loved the idea of having Mother’s Day chocolate coins, sweet treat!

Those lovely Mother’s Day treats can be purchased online or at Asda supermarkets.

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The products were provided free of charge for review purposes. However the opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.