Kids fashion is a big issue nowadays and recently it has been a hot topic of debate, as London has just played host to the first ever Global Kids Fashion Week. The event showcased an array of well-known designers who have branched out into childrenswear, as well as up-and-coming names producing trendy pieces for kids. With single items costing hundreds of pounds, many parents will view kid’s fashion as something to be reserved for special occasions.

However, with celebs launching kid’s clothing lines and ever-younger fashion bloggers rising to fame, children’s fashion seems more important than ever. So, should we be clothing our kids in designer threads on an everyday basis and stressing the importance of clothing, or should this be saved for special events only?

Fashionable childrenswear seems to be everywhere and easily accessible for all, suggesting that parents should be more conscious of dressing their children well on an everyday basis. As well as in the shops, it’s possible to get designer kids clothes online, making buying easier than ever. Many famous designers are now producing collections aimed at children, encouraging parents to put just as much effort and money into styling their little ones as they do themselves.

Armani Junior, Paul Smith Junior and Stella McCartney Kids are all examples of big names who have realized the potential of the childrenswear clothing market. The items produced are not only party frocks and smart suits and are instead intended to be worn on a casual, everyday basis by kids. Included in the collection by Tommy Hilfiger, for example, are loose-fitting cargo shorts, polo shirts and branded tees – all perfect pieces for a child’s weekend wardrobe.

Kids Fashion: Designer Clothes

Celebrities too have got in on the act and have demonstrated how stylish kids can look every day. Gwen Stefani debuted her Harajuku Mini Collection last year, whilst celeb sisters Ashlee and Jessica Simpson created a clothes line aimed at pre-teens, the Jessica Simpson Girls Collection, in 2011.

However, celeb mums such as these are almost constantly in the public eye and are photographed as much when they are out and about with their kids, as when they are on the red carpet. Everyday life for a celeb child then, differs greatly from that of our own!

So, perhaps trendy childrenswear should be reserved for those select special occasions? Many designers produce beautiful kid’s pieces which are almost too attractive (and too pricey!) to wear every day. Missoni’s kids collection, for example, features gorgeous frocks in trademark bright colours and zig-zag and stripe patterns, though retailing at between one and two hundred pounds, some would argue that these items are best saved for special occasions.

However, kids fashion is not all about money: clothing choices are also a way of expressing ourselves and demonstrating our individuality. So, although some parents would save designer kids clothes for special occasions, this does not mean that care and attention to their children’s attire should not be taken on every day.

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