9 Months Pregnant

9 Months Pregnant

There are so many things I knew before my first pregnancy. My parents live in Brazil, so unfortunately I didn’t have my mum around to give me advice throughout my pregnancy and she didn’t have the opportunity to share her own experiences before I gave birth.

By the time my mum arrived from Brazil, I had already given birth to our gorgeous little boy.

9 Months Pregnant

9 Months Pregnant

If Only I’d Known…

  • That in real life, being pregnant and massive is not as glamorous as they picture in magazines and books. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed being pregnant and I will do it all over again, but a big bump gets quite uncomfortable towards the last trimester.
  • One Day Old

    One Day Old

    That “morning sickness” does not happen only in the morning. Instead it should be called “all day sickness”. I felt quite sick while pregnant from the moment I woke up until I went to bed. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I found out that mini cheddar would make me feel a bit better, so I kept some by my bedside and reached for a couple as soon as I opened my eyes each morning.

  • That strangers treat you like friends when you have a bump. I lost count how many people approached me and asked questions about my bump, whether I knew what it was. Once I actually wanted to reply “I hope it is a baby, not a cat” (I blame my pregnancy hormones), but instead, I had a big breath and I thought it would be more sensible to say “it’s a boy”.
  • One Week Old

    One Week Old

    That on the other hand, the only place nobody seemed to notice I was pregnant was on my train journey to work each morning. No matter how big I was and the “Baby on Board” badge I was proudly wearing, I wasn’t offered a seat on the train. As it was the rush hour and the train was so crowded, I had to ask to sit down or my bump would be squashed. They would eventually get up, but not before giving me a look.

  • One Month Old

    If Only I’d Known.. How Much I Would Love Him!

    That no matter how much you plan your pregnancy and birth, most likely it will not go according to plan. In my birth plan, I wrote that I wanted my son be born in a birthing pool with no pain relief, listening to classical music. Instead, I had two epidural and also a few complications when my son’s heart stopped while in labour. Eventually I was rushed to have emergency caesarean, I was put to sleep and didn’t see my son’s birth.

  • That being in labour is not the most glamorous event of a woman’s life. Before giving birth, I’ve never thought that I would be with my legs open in a room with different doctors, midwives and nurses looking at my private parts.
  • That I should make the most of any help offered.  I have always wanted to do everything on my own, but after my c-section I had to learn to sit down and relax a bit more, ask for help when needed and accept any help offered.

No matter how my pregnancy and labour went, I wouldn’t change it for the world. My baby boy is the best thing has ever happened to us and we love him to bits!

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This post is Lilinha Angel’s World’s entry into the Aptaclub ‘If Only I’d Known…’ competition