Old Amsterdam Cheese2Old Amsterdam cheese is smooth, rich and creamy, easily sliceable and imbued with ripening crystals that excite the palate. It offers a beautiful depth of sweet and savory flavors.

Impress your party guests with the perfect cheese board with Old Amsterdam, a gourmet Dutch cheese with a creamy texture and a rich nutty flavour.

Old Amsterdam Cheese

Old Amsterdam Cheese

Old Amsterdam can be enjoyed as an after-dinner savoury treat with a bold red wine and water biscuits, with sweet condiments such as honey-mustard or chutney.

Old Amsterdam can also be enjoyed with selections of seasonal nuts such as pistachios or almonds to cleanse the palate. It comes coated in a sleek, black wax and is an indulgent alternative to Gouda.

Old Amsterdam Cheese

Old Amsterdam Cheese

So if you are having friends round for a get-together, having dinner with the family or simply want to treat yourself, Old Amsterdam is the cheese of choice this season.

A high quality, versatile, matured cheese, Old Amsterdam can also be grated, sliced, melted and cooked as part of a main course meal, a starter or appetiser or on its own as a snack. Old Amsterdam tastes best when brought to room temperature for at least one hour before serving.

Old Amsterdam Cheese

Old Amsterdam Cheese

How to create the ultimate cheese board:

  • The best cheese boards are made up of blue, aged, soft and hard cheeses.
  • Combine different milk types to create variety: cows, goats and sheep.
  • Serve approximately about 50 grams of cheese per person.
  • Choose three to five different types of cheese to give your board
    some variety.
  • Mediterranean Vegetables Pasta with Old Amsterdam

    Mediterranean Vegetables Pasta with Old Amsterdam

    Take your time and don’t forget to eat the light cheeses first; bries and chevres for example. You can then make your way through the spectrum of flavours ending with the hardest cheeses; the Old Amsterdam and Gorgonzolas.

The added extras:

  • Use crackers or slices of good quality raisin nut bread. The sweetness of the bread is a perfect balance with the richness of Old Amsterdam.
  • Arrange grapes or slices of pears and apples around the cheese. Mix almonds and pistachios in a small bowl to cleanse the palate.
Pizza Wrap with Old Amsterdam Cheese

Pizza Wrap with Old Amsterdam Cheese

I was planning on enjoying our Old Amsterdam Cheese in a cheeseboard, but there was no much left by the time we all had our meal.

Old Amsterdam cheese tasted lovely with our mediterranean vegetables pasta.

We only just managed to make some lovely Pizza Wrap with Old Amsterdam Cheese.

Vegetarian Pizza Wrap

Vegetarian Pizza Wrap

It was really simple to make. You just need to spread a thin layer of tomato passata on a wrap, then add your favourite ingredients.

Little man had Sweetcorn and Cheese Pizza Wrap, while I had Mushroom, Spinach, Sweetcorn and Cheese Pizza Wrap.

I must say it was very tasty and the rich and creamy taste of Old Amsterdam Cheese complemented our pizza wraps nicely.

Look out for it on cheese counters in Waitrose, Tesco, Booths and Morrisons, as well as independent delis and fine food shops across the UK. RRP approx. £2.49 per 150g.

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