If Only I’d Known…

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9 Months Pregnant

9 Months Pregnant

There are so many things I knew before my first pregnancy. My parents live in Brazil, so unfortunately I didn’t have my mum around to give me advice throughout my pregnancy and she didn’t have the opportunity to share her own experiences before I gave birth.

By the time my mum arrived from Brazil, I had already given birth to our gorgeous little boy.

9 Months Pregnant

9 Months Pregnant

If Only I’d Known…

  • That in real life, being pregnant and massive is not as glamorous as they picture in magazines and books. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed being pregnant and I will do it all over again, but a big bump gets quite uncomfortable towards the last trimester.
  • One Day Old

    One Day Old

    That “morning sickness” does not happen only in the morning. Instead it should be called “all day sickness”. I felt quite sick while pregnant from the moment I woke up until I went to bed. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I found out that mini cheddar would make me feel a bit better, so I kept some by my bedside and reached for a couple as soon as I opened my eyes each morning.

  • That strangers treat you like friends when you have a bump. I lost count how many people approached me and asked questions about my bump, whether I knew what it was. Once I actually wanted to reply “I hope it is a baby, not a cat” (I blame my pregnancy hormones), but instead, I had a big breath and I thought it would be more sensible to say “it’s a boy”.
  • One Week Old

    One Week Old

    That on the other hand, the only place nobody seemed to notice I was pregnant was on my train journey to work each morning. No matter how big I was and the “Baby on Board” badge I was proudly wearing, I wasn’t offered a seat on the train. As it was the rush hour and the train was so crowded, I had to ask to sit down or my bump would be squashed. They would eventually get up, but not before giving me a look.

  • One Month Old

    If Only I’d Known.. How Much I Would Love Him!

    That no matter how much you plan your pregnancy and birth, most likely it will not go according to plan. In my birth plan, I wrote that I wanted my son be born in a birthing pool with no pain relief, listening to classical music. Instead, I had two epidural and also a few complications when my son’s heart stopped while in labour. Eventually I was rushed to have emergency caesarean, I was put to sleep and didn’t see my son’s birth.

  • That being in labour is not the most glamorous event of a woman’s life. Before giving birth, I’ve never thought that I would be with my legs open in a room with different doctors, midwives and nurses looking at my private parts.
  • That I should make the most of any help offered.  I have always wanted to do everything on my own, but after my c-section I had to learn to sit down and relax a bit more, ask for help when needed and accept any help offered.

No matter how my pregnancy and labour went, I wouldn’t change it for the world. My baby boy is the best thing has ever happened to us and we love him to bits!

Aptamil PrepforBirthThis month, LittleStuff has teamed up with Aptaclub, who have launched a brilliant new ‘Preparing for Birth’  app to support Mums through the last trimester of pregnancy. The app is designed to help mum stay organised through editable checklists and answer questions with tips and advice. It also comes with a contraction timer and birth announcer.

I’m so glad I came across this amazing app as we are currently trying for our second child. It would be brilliant to have much information this time as I will be planning one pregnancy while looking after a small child. Why don’t you also download the app?

This post is Lilinha Angel’s World’s entry into the Aptaclub ‘If Only I’d Known…’ competition

Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday
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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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Over the next few days, my blog will move to a brand new self-hosted domain: http://www.lilinhaangel.com/
My current blog posts will be redirected to the new blog, so it should be fine. However if you link to my website, please update your links.

I have been working on http://www.lilinhaangel.com/ lately and I cannot wait to move to my own .com website!
I must say it has been taking much longer than expected, but it will eventually get done (fingers crossed!).

Important Changes:

If you receive my blog post updates by email, or subscribe through WordPress, you may lose touch after the switch. However I have set up a new subscription service.

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On another matter, there a few competitions on my blog you might be interested:

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Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

Half Term Fun Ideas: Top 3 Holiday Tips

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Hope you are all enjoying the Easter holidays, it has been very busy at work so sadly I wasn’t able to take any time off.

The kids will be off for another week, so in case you are running out of ideas, I thought I would put together a little list with suggestions of tried and tested activities.

1. Crafting

Crafting with Old Petals

Crafting with Old Petals

Little man loves crafting, whenever we are home, he starts drawing, painting and crafting. For Valentine’s Day, we created cards with old petals.

You could use a similar idea to make cards out of Easter egg boxes and wrapping. If your house is anything like mine, you will still have lots of Easter eggs to go through. They would also be used to make cupcakes.

2. Baking

Baking with Children

Baking with Children

I think baking is one of the best activities ever invented. Not only it keeps children busy and entertained, everyone can enjoy the lovely results afterwards.

Before you pick up the apron and chef’s hat, check out my Top 5 Tips for Baking with Kids.

Butterfly Cupcakes

Butterfly Cupcakes

Over the weekend, we made a lovely Butterfly Chocolate Cupcake, it was very easy to make and very tasty too. As you can add your own filling, it is a versatile recipe and you can adapt it to suit your tastebuds.

If you fancy something different, you could make some lovely sweets made of dried powdered milk, or perhaps some Banana and Chocolate Mini-Muffins using leftover Easter eggs.

The Fruity Flapjack Bites make a perfect afternoon snack, they are made of oats and raisins for a healthy snack.

3. Family Day Out

London Zoo

London Zoo

We enjoy staying home but sightseeing is also lovely.

The British Library offers several London exhibitions and there is always something interesting to go and see. You could also check their events, tours and permanent galleries for a fun afternoon!

We have recently been to the London Transport Museum and it was a lot of fun. Little man enjoyed driving the buses and trains, perfect for train-mad kids!

Sea Life London Aquarium

Sea Life London Aquarium

We have also been to London Zoo and we had a very enjoyable family day out.

The zoo is quite big, so I would suggest arriving early and taking a packed lunch and snacks with you, so you can make the most out of your day.

Our latest visit was to Sea Life London Aquarium where little man went face-to-face to a shark.

He was so excited and even fell off from the bench. It all happened so quickly that he thought the shark would cross over the glass and get him. It was an unforgettable day!

Whatever you are up to, enjoy the rest of your Easter holiday!

Silent Sunday


Fun in the Park

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Silent Sunday


Dessert by molecular chef Sean Wilkinson

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Happy Easter – The Meaning of Easter


The Meaning of Easter

The Meaning of Easter

Although the weather is more like Christmas, it is Easter Sunday tomorrow. We all know and love the Easter eggs involved, Easter egg hunt and Easter holidays, but Easter is much more than chocolate and holidays.

Easter is the foundation of the Christian faith since it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus on the third day after his crucifixion at Calvary.

Jesus Crucification

Jesus Crucifixion

Easter is the culmination of the passion of Christ, preceded by Lent, a forty-day period of fasting, prayer and penance. Holly Week is the last week of the Lent, when Maundry Thursday celebrates the Last Supper in which Jesus gathered his 12 disciples to share a final meal.

During the Last Supper, Jesus told his disciples that he would die soon by passing round bread and wine, explaining that bread was his body and wine was his blood.

Jesus rose from the dead

Jesus rose from the dead

Good Friday celebrates the crucifixion and death of Jesus. The Roman soldiers arrested Jesus and took him to Pilate, and it was decided that Jesus should be nailed to the cross and placed alongside two criminals.

While at the cross, Jesus suffered a very slow and agonising death. On the third day after his death, Jesus came to life after being crucified and visited his old friends.

Easter is more than just Easter eggs and hot cross buns, it is when we celebrate the fact that Jesus gave his life to save us.

Jesus is Alive!

Jesus is Alive!

As it says in the Bible: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

There is a lovely song that explains Easter: Hillsong – “This is Our God”

“Freely you gave it all for us
Surrendered your life upon that cross
Great is your love
Poured out for all
This is our God

Lifted on high from death to life
Forever our God is glorified
Sovereign king
Rescued the world
This is our God”

May we all remember the true meaning of Easter. Happy Easter!

Join the Easter Eggsplorers on Nick Jr.

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Nick Jr EasterNick Jr logoThe fun continues on Nick Jr. this Easter with a bumper pack of Easter programming and a whole host of activities online to help keep kids entertained over the long weekend.

Every day Nick Jr.’s beloved characters will head off on seasonal adventures with Easter and spring-themed episodes scheduled between 12:00-2:00pm, supported online with crafts and games for children to make and play.

Dora EasterDora the Explorer: Good Friday sees Dora’s Easter Adventure on air at 12:00pm. Dora and Boots are waiting for their friend, the Hip-Hop-Bunny, to bring his basket filled with eggs and treats for their big Egg Hunt. But just as the Bunny arrives at the forest, Swiper swipes the basket and throws it far, far away into the Rainbow Garden – where it’s headed for a waterfall! It’s Dora and Boots to the rescue as they join the Bunny on an Easter Day Adventure.

Nick Jr Easter DoraOnline, Dora fans can find plenty of Easter-themed pictures that can be coloured in online or printed off to colour-in at home. If the weather keeps everyone stuck inside try Dora’s Little Cooks to bake up some delicious treats that are easy for little children to get involved. Or if you’re travelling Dora’s car bingo will help time fly during car journeys.

Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom: On Saturday at 12:45pm kids can watch The Lost Egg, where Ben, Holly and Gaston the Ladybird find a large egg in the meadow. A tiny chick hatches from the egg and the children must find the mummy bird. Following it at 1:00pm fans can catch Dolly Plum. Daisy and Poppy turn Nanny Plum into a doll, and the Wise Old Elf copies it and in a matter of seconds, it becomes very popular, much to Nanny Plum’s dismay.

Fans of the Little Kingdom can create their own Easter cards featuring their favourite fairy and elf with the Nick Jr. card-o-matic. Upload pictures, choose the design and create a bespoke Easter card that can be emailed to friends and family or printed off and given in person.

?????????????Team Umizoomi: On Easter Sunday at 12:45pm is the Umi Egg Hunt. In it the rainbow egg is the most special egg at the Umi City Egg Hunt and it’s fallen down a rabbit hole. The Team chases after the egg and discovers an underground rabbit city where they must hurry to save the egg from getting scrambled.

For anyone conducting their own hunt, there is a Team Umizoomi Egg Hunt certificate to reward little eggsplorers.

Peppa Pig: On Easter Sunday at 1:15pm everyone’s favourite pig is going on her own adventure in Mummy Rabbit’s Bump. Everyone is excited when Mummy Rabbit arrives with a big tummy and they learn that there is a baby bunny inside. Spring follows at 12.35pm where Grandpa Pig organises a chocolate egg hunt for Peppa and her friends but will the piglets track down the treats?

If kids wish to head outside download the Peppa Pig Patio Puddles game guide – Peppa Pig’s version of snakes and ladders which helps children with their counting skills whilst jumping in pretend muddy puddles!

Bubble Guppies: On Easter Monday at 12:00pm youngsters can tune into The Spring Chicken is Coming, the Spring Chicken wants to announce the arrival of spring but first she needs a flower to make it official. To help the Bubble Guppies put their green thumbs to the test.

If you’re travelling download the free Bubble Guppies games to keep children entertained. The Choose the Right Ball activity pack asks children to match objects to scenarios and the Bubble Guppies Spot the Difference asks children to find five differences between two images of the underwater friends.

Guess How Much I Love You: On Easter Monday, The Scents of Spring can help wind down children with its relaxing pace at 1:00pm. One morning Little Nutbrown Hare wakes to find the air filled with a delightful smell. He and Little Field Mouse search all over the meadow, the woods and by the riverside to find the source of the wonderful smell. They discover all kinds of new and unexpected Spring scents sweet, pretty and fresh but will they find the one they are searching for?

Anyone wanting to create their own Spring scene can colour-in Little Nutbrown Hare in the meadow online or print it off to create a physical piece of art.

Happy Easter! 🙂

Happy First Blog Anniversary – Thank you for your Support!


1 Year Blog AnniversaryWOW! I have been blogging for a whole year. Honestly it actually feels longer than just a year as I have written over 450 posts so far.

To be exact, this post is my number 464! Gosh, I can talk!

On another hand, I still feel quite new to blogging and I have so much still to learn. I am learning new things every day in my blogging journey.

When I set up my blog, I had no idea what I would be writing about or how long it would last. I’m overwhelmed with how many views my blog has had so far: over 80k in just one year, thank you!

My first blog post was rather short, it simply said on 27th March 2012:

“Welcome to my blog! As you can see, it’s my first blog post and I’m not too sure what to write.

Hope we have fun! x


I must say that blogging has opened many doors and given me and my family so many great opportunities, which I am very grateful for.

I have been enjoying every second of it and I am very grateful to each and every one of my lovely readers.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read my posts, leave comments and enter my competitions. I appreciate your support!

Happy First Blog Anniversary to Lilinha Angel’s World, my little world, my little piece of the big wide online world.

Rainbow CakeHere is a piece of cake to all of you that have kept me going during the past 12 months. As my blog is quite diverse, I thought a rainbow cake would be appropriate, so please help yourself to a piece or two.

Thank you for stopping by and please do come back soon!

Lots of love xxxx

Silent Sunday


London Aquarium

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