The original beauty secret weapon for refreshing and reviving your hair between washes, Batiste, the UKs favourite Dry Shampoo has been flying off the shelves for more than 30 years and yet has never been more in fashion.

I am already a massive Batiste fan and until a few days ago Lace Variant was my favourite. When I heard about their new variant, I was very excited to try: Batiste Red has finally arrived for everyone that has red hair like me!

Redheads can now join the Batiste party with their own variant specially designed to enhance copper and vibrant reds. Joining best selling Batiste Deep brown, Brunette and Blonde, new RED, has contains a hint of scarlet to give redheads gorgeously clean fresh hair, full of body and texture with no danger of fading into the background.

Whether you’re a real redhead like Lily Cole or going for bold like Rihanna, new Batiste Red, has the same life-saving formula as the original with a shot of colour to instantly bouff up your hairstyle without any tell-tale white bits.

The new Batiste Red (RRP £3.99 for 200ml) is a dry shampoo with a hint of colour. Not only it will revitalise your hair and remove any excess grease, the hint of colour will also compliment red shades and help blend in root re-growth on coloured hair.

I need to dye my hair urgently as my root is getting quite long, so I was looking forward to trying the new Bastiste Red. I don’t like taking photos of my brown roots or when my hair is dirty, but I had to show you what I mean by a hint of colour.

The first photo was taken before applying Batiste (dirty hair) and the second photo was taken as soon as I applied Batiste Red while I was waiting for Batiste to work its magic. It is to give you an idea of the hint of colour provided by Batiste Red.

Once I brushed and styled my hair, I was well impressed! Batiste Red is great for hiding re-growth and disguising roots that could do with a touch-up so you can wait longer between trips to the hairdressers.

Batiste Red is used the same as always, shake it up like a good cocktail and hold the can approximately 30cm from hair and spray lightly and evenly. Massage through hair using fingertips and then leave for a moment. Shake again in-between sprays then brush and style.

Batiste Red is exclusive to Boots & Superdrug.  Stockist info: 01303 858700

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