Forget building the biggest bonfire, according to a survey released today, it’s the bangers on the BBQ that your neighbours will remember this 5th November as British cooking skills get the sparks flying!

With a third of the UK secretly believing they are the best BBQ hosts among their friends, it’s perhaps not surprising that competitive neighbours will be sizzling sausages as well as sparklers on this year’s Bonfire night.

The survey, released by RC Cola, also revealed that Men are far more committed to seeing a BBQ through whatever the weather, with 35 per cent claiming to have barbecued in the rain, or even snow, before.  Facing the elements braced with a pair of tongs, it’s perhaps not surprising that men topped the gender poll in terms of culinary confidence, with twice as many males than females believing they are the best ‘man’ for the job.

The top 5 secret ingredients for delivering the best BBQ this bonfire night, according to the UK, include:

1.       A strong cooking style – pull off out-of-season barbequing by making a statement

2.       Food and drink selection – cinnamon and warm smoky flavours work well in winter

3.       A varied playlist of music – to set off your fireworks with finesse

4.       A small and selective guest list of like-minded people – a sure fire way to make any party

5.       An ability to create dishes from scratch – to impress your guests!

Supported by the Masterchef 2011 winner (and fellow American) Tim Anderson, the research forms part of a campaign from RC Cola to celebrate the UK’s love of BBQ culture and help even more people make the most of this American cooking style.

Ally Whitehead, Assistant Brand Manager for RC® Cola, said: “We’ve always known that Brits love a good BBQ but it is interesting to see how this traditionally American style of cooking proves just as popular, and apparently heated, during winter months.

“In the U.S. grilling is more of an everyday cooking method which makes it a very relaxed and open affair. However, as the UK climate presents fewer opportunities to get the grill out, BBQs in Britain are more often used to mark social occasions. This pressures is what sets so many sausages sizzling on bonfire night and beyond.”

Whatever you are up to tonight, Remember, Remember the Fifth November! 🙂