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I am pleased to announce that Sebamed is sponsoring me to attend Cybher 2013!

Cybher 13 is the first all inclusive female blogger event in the UK. Cybher is a one day event which brings together the most influential bloggers and speakers from all corners of the blogosphere to network and learn. There will be a handful of carefully selected brands thrown into the mix made for a simply breathtaking day.

I have already reviewed Sebamed Anti-Dry range and I really enjoyed their Revitalising Shampoo, Derma-Soft Wash Emulsion, Hydrating Body Lotion, Day Defence Cream and Night Intensive Cream.

I am currently testing some products from Sebamed Classic Cleansing/ Skin Care ranges, so I will update you in the next few days how I am getting on.

Sebamed Skincare is based on the discovery that the skin’s slightly acidic surface protects against injurious environment influences, dehydration, germs, bacteria etc. with its so-called protective acid mantle kick-started an intensive and long lasting research period. Sebamed is the world’s largest range built on the pH  5.5 concept.

Founded in 1967, Sebamed is a world market leader in medical skin care known and trusted in more than 80 countries. What started with the Sebamed Cleansing Bar has in the meanwhile developed into a large product portfolio that gathers more than 50 different items – and the range is constantly being extended.

Besides cleansing products, a special skin care series offers additional protection. Whether for the daily personal care of sensitive skin, the delicate skin of babies or the high demands of stressed skin – all products are based on the concept of stabilizing the natural protective acid mantle of the skin using the pH value of 5.5 (alkaline free, soap-free), which provides maximum support for the skin‘s protective functions.

Sebamed is a medicinal skin care brand, it contributes to the prevention of skin diseases and premature ageing and it also provides quicker healing of skin disorders/diseases. Sebamed is for all skin types, it is suitable for sensitive and problem skin. It is developed in cooperation with dermatologists and supported with clinical testing.

The high quality and purity of ingredients used are extremely mild and skin tolerant and minimize the potential for skin irritations, therefore reducing skin problems (hypoallergenic).

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