DGJ stands for Daniel Gavin Junior, a celebrity hairdresser, and all DGJ products are made with plant derived natural ingredients enhanced with Organic essentials oils and extracts, containing no harsh chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphates or parabens.

The DGJ Organics range has been developed over the past eight years, having been built on heritage by Medichem. All of the DGJ products have been tried and tested in salons, including Daniel Galvin Junior salons, proving the quality of the products.

DGJ Organics has a wide range of professional quality hair products for both children and grown-ups.

Organic Wild ‘n’ Crazy Kids Hair Juice (RRP £3.99 for 250ml) was formulated for regular everyday use using only gentle and organic ingredients.

It is a detangle shampoo with watermelon essential oils, gently cleansing without stripping hair and scalp of natural oils, leaving your little one’s hair feeling clean and fresh.

Little man’s hair is growing and it is getting harder to look after it each day. I know it would be easier to cut his hair, but we like keeping it long and little man seems to like it too (yes, he’s got his own opinion at just 3 years of age!).

Organic Wild ‘n’ Crazy Watermelon Shampoo has a no tears formula with a lovely sweet scent. I have never wanted to eat shampoo before, but I was quite tempted this time as it smells just too good. You will be pleased to hear that I’m not just weird, Organic Wild ‘n’ Crazy Watermelon Shampoo was the winner of the 2008 Natural Health Beauty Awards.

Not only little man’s hair was smelling great after using DGJ Organics Wild ‘n’ Crazy Kids Shampoo, it was also bouncy and shiny, the detangle formula is great on little one’s fine hair! There are other products in the DGJ Organics Kids range and I think my next one should be Banana & Berry Shampoo – I am intrigued what the smell would be.

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