Festive Masks Template

Hope you are enjoying the festive season so far. We are on holiday in France at the moment and we are having a lovely family time together.

We are usually out during the day sightseeing, it’s been great! This evening, we had a couple of hours spare and we were painting some festive masks.

Festive Fun: Painting Masks

Little man got paints and brushes for Christmas, so he couldn’t wait to start using them. He had a lot of fun painting British Gas masks.

British Gas says: “It can be hard keeping the kids entertained easily and cheaply during the Christmas holidays, but our fun colouring competition should be just the ticket to an entertaining afternoon.

Little Man Painting Masks

We have created elf and reindeer masks that are looking a bit bland. We need your little elves to get creative and bring a bit of festive cheer to the masks by colouring them in with pencils, felt tip, glitter, paint – whatever they fancy! Just print the masks off, get creative and send us a photo of the finished mask masterpiece.”

What do you think of little man’s masks? Even daddy wanted to join the fun, daddy was the reindeer and little man was the elf. Check out British Gas blog to print the free mask templates and have fun!

This is my entry for British Gas Colourful Christmas Competition, why don’t you join it too?

Reindeer and Elf Masks

My Reindeer and Little Elf